It was going to be very hard for her, and all of them, to tell the couple that their son was killed. ", Moynihan slowly shook her head. Moynihan continued to hug the convulsing, heartbroken Fiona as she let it out. I am afraid that is not the case.". And the way the others were acting wasn't making herself feel any better. She started to walk towards the door, a disgusted look spread across her face. "...Did something else happen? "I'll be extra careful. "Max is right." And they had come too far now to admit defeat. It seemed stronger here than it was in the other parts of the room. Moynihan quickly said, looking away. She understood why the boys were upset and why they would want to seek revenge, but it was still frightening to see them like this. ", Kista nodded her head once. "How are we going to...". But any one with half a brain could tell he was lying. She placed a hand on her shoulder when the teacher didn't say anything and turned her head away. But instead, Buzz simply looked up at him. She couldn't believe Max would do something like this to Ms. Moynihan. "How are we all..." Rodger started to say before he realized just what Max had meant. "..check his pulse or something?" Fiona's eyes snapped open and she moved her head back to look up at the teacher. She stood protectively over Buzz. This is all my fault...", Fiona slowly shook her head. Max slowly turned his head towards Buzz. Just as she thought before, it would raise complications. Nothing they do would bring Caruso back. If only they could have gone faster... Why had she slowed them down at the lighthouse? "Do you always throw a little temper tantrum whenever someone plays with your toys?" They're scaring me...", Moynihan gently stroked Fiona's red hair. Her running slowed quickly into a walk. Following close behind him was Rodger. "Caruso..." She hugged Moynihan tighter, pressing her face against her shoulder as she started to cry again. The scent of death become a little stronger, but despite that, the kids hadn't moved far from Caruso's side. If only the feeling could last. She wanted to tell them Caruso would wake up at any moment. "..what are we going to do..?" "..if this story is supposed to be sad, then why..." Fiona asked, sounding confused. She had forgotten to mention that Caruso may have been in a cage. Without thinking, Max started to move towards Caruso. "They are too far away for you to go alone.". Caruso had only been missing for at least a day at most. They saw something strapped around his waist and torso. He couldn't take out his frustration on Rodger. He opened his wings wide as if he were going to take off. But it was only later that they had found out the real reason for Caruso cheating. Her dino form is an unusually large Velociraptor that is green in color, with jagged purple stripes going down the back, with the tip of the tail being solid purple and a creamy white underbelly. His eyes stuck onto the head piece of the bridle. She had failed them and she couldn't clear her mind of this fact. Maybe dinner and a movie...", Kista scowled at him and shoved him away somewhat roughly. That would only buy her time though. Standing behind him was Kista, who was gripping the photographer's camera in her hands. It made little to no sense at all. There was a large cage, rusty with metallic bars glinting in the light in the large room. They would have to act fast and get him back to the lighthouse to treat his injuries. I should have been able to move faster.." She gritted her teeth, clinging a little tighter into Moynihan to the point where she was unintentionally driving her nails into her. She stared at Caruso's unmoving body, feeling horrible about initially wanting to wait until the morning before they came after him. "No..." She said, wiping away her own tears. "It's not going to do any of us any favors..." Rodger said, trying to sound a bit calmer than Max did. Roger lifted the scanner he carried everywhere. Rodger looked up at Max, his eyes somewhat puffy and red, suggesting he'd been crying. "I'll..tell you about it later... Now please let me go.". Her faint footfalls could still be heard and they grew fainter and fainter until they became nonexistent, mixing into the silence completely. Rodger felt even worse, and he couldn't shake off that feeling, even though Caruso didn't harbor any ill feelings towards him. Fiona pressed her fingertips against her lips in anticipation. "What's wrong, Ms. He whimpered a little, sensing something was wrong. She cried out in pain when Max gripped her arms tighter, his fingernails digging into her, and pulled her forward only to slam her hard against the wall again. But I failed to uphold my promise...". A guy wasn't supposed to cry, weren't they? "How can you say that? She had spoken with Peter and completed her mission, if she could even call it that. "They're just upset dear... We all are.". Why wasn't he running? But how could she lie to them like that? They didn't want to believe that there was no hope left. Moynihan was not the type to play jokes. She knew they only wanted to protect her. This had to be a mistake. He took in a few shaky breaths as Max and Rodger watched him, unsure of what to say. Like Victor Veloci, Moynihan can turn into a dinosaur as well. One by one, the teens looked at each other, and then back at Moynihan. "Oh no...please..." She said, choking back a sob. On the monitor, it displayed a clear head shot of a tan Spinosaurus. "I never said we couldn't love.. "It's all right...shhh..." She then, not knowing what else to do to cheer Fiona up, gently planted a small kiss on her forehead, like how a mother would do to her child. The other reason was that he was starting to believe there was no hope left, that nothing he could do would change anything. If they had gotten here just a little earlier, maybe they could have saved him. Moynihan's dinosaur form is more closely similar in size and proportions to Utahraptor, a relative of Velociraptor only several times larger and heavier. Seeing Caruso like this, seeing those cuts on his body and face, it reminded him so much of what he had said to Caruso not so long ago. Caruso was still in dino mode and was still not awake from the attack from Victor. "What should we do?" She wasn't the type to just give up like that. She sighed and followed Fiona. She looked at each of the kids' faces. Moynihan whispered, loud enough for the boys to hear her. Buzz looked at Irwin and narrowed his eyes. Moynihan looked at her sympathetically, wiping away a tear. Fiona Rampage. ", "It's not too late! My pack was..well it wasn't very big, but it wasn't very small either. He hadn't moved even a centimeter. She reluctantly followed the larger dino. "Rodger..we are all guilty." ", Kista cleared her voice and placed a hand on her chest. He turned to see Max holding him. All their attempts to find Caruso, it only led to this, shattered hope and a terrible loss. She had gently set Caruso's body on the ground and turned around and hugged Moynihan back. He rubbed his head roughly, scratching at his scalp with his fingers as he struggled to keep his temper under control. Rump's ears lowered down a bit further as he walked over to Moynihan. Riley blinked innocently. But then again, when he had gotten caught in the tree, he didn't try to pin it on Caruso. Peter seemed surprised at some of the details, but overall he kept a straight face. ", "..Victor Veloci..." Moynihan said hesitatingly. He's..he's... gone..." Moynihan didn't like the idea of leaving Caruso's body here. As the old woman rubbed the sore marks on her arms, Max dropped down onto his knees, staring at the ground with a distant look in his eyes. But Caruso didn't flinch. Joanne in a Spa with Max and Fiona. "And just how can you prove to the public, one hundred percent, that these kids are the dinosaurs, one and the same? And they could feel heat coming from Caruso's body. A moment later, an orange-brown Spinosaurus walked into view. But she didn't care. Just what was Victor thinking when he hired this lunatic? This was all almost too much for Max to handle. A loud, ear piercing shriek echoed from his vocal cords and long jagged jaws. The room was filled with so much noise that Buzz expected Victor to beat down the door at any second. And Fiona noticed that, if she looked hard enough, she could see Moynihan's hands shaking. "Why..isn't he waking up?" They couldn't stand the thought of their best friend dying like this. Why didn't I get enough...?" "Darn it!" She had long hoped to forget about them and move on. If she didn't do something soon, they may have to break him out themselves, which would have created a lot of noise and would surely attract Victor and the others. You aren't gifted with my superior intellect." Max had decided, mentally, that he was going to check for breathing. He sat down next to Rodger, but averted his eyes from Caruso. You know the public will expect more than pretty pictures to convince them of anything." As Kista leaned up against the wall to try and get away from him, Zoom placed his hand against the wall and leaned against it, continuing to give Kista a somewhat creepy grin. "Caruso! This was not how their rescue plan was supposed to go. Sign up with Facebook Sign up with Google. Despite her idiocy, she has ties with Victor and might be able to convince the billionaire to allow him to join the team. You hear anything?" He was afraid of letting them down. But try as he might, he just could not come up with a good answer. When they find Victor, they will kill him. I'm so sorry...I didn't mean to.. And on his face, they could see a bridle, lined with spikes, digging into his skin and mouth. She didn't know why she was refusing to listen to Maxwell's advice. Moynihan knew she was responsible for the safety of these kids and she had failed them miserably. Then he realized something. "I can't help it that I turn into a Velociraptor when I'm upset! Buzz's eyes widened as he shifted back. This time, Fiona did not try to struggle and she didn't push Moynihan away.

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