This time, it wasn't about what the enemy was stealing or what I was losing. The Lord spoke to me and told me to relax, He would enable me to rest there amongst the smooth stones and exist in an environment that I should not be ale to exist in. You can visit her website here. Are you willing to pay the price? A Relationship, Not a Formula There are several things that we can do to enhance the anointing in our lives. I could stay and suffer at the hands of emotional terrorists or I could leave and suffer the verbal persecution others who left that wicked matrix endured. No. #3 FREE eCourses by CHARISMA: Click Here to view all the free courses. My ministry—and influence—was growing by leaps and bounds. So, when The Lord spoke to me last night, I thought, is his something you want me to teach?! As for me, I want to see revival in this nation—I wrote The Next Great Move of God: An Appeal to Heaven for Spiritual Awakening—as part of that commitment. I am deeply affected and stirred by this message. The truth is being told here. Please, [u]everyone[/u] view and listen to this, I beg you. God have mercy on me, help me to see, help me to come to that point.... give me a greater burden Lord .please take time to listen, very encouraging'Christian. "Few pay the price because they are too comfortable in this world ... We need to come to the point where we know we cannot do without a mighty move of God." But when I woke up the next morning, I got the revelation—and quite by accident. One of the issues was that my ministry had outgrown its intercessory prayer covering, but there was more. �� C Will you get close to God and count the cost to be used of Him? Leonard Ravenhill, a British evangelist and author of many books, including Why Revival Tarries, said this: "Few believers have paid the price of laying down their lives and being fully committed to Christ. Pride is a weapon of mass destruction when placed alongside the anointing. I immediately panicked and fought for breath. Oh, brothers and sisters. I believe the Holy Spirit was showing me that the waters of life would rush over me and begin to shape me and take the rough edges off. He is the great Teacher of the God-Head. A well to do and well meaning Christian lady came up and said to me quietly " I want the anointing your mother has." The rivers of Life are flowing. Nothing. I was not to be shaped by men but by the circumstances that the Lord would allow to come into my life. What is the cost of faith, following, fellowship and fruit? After about a week, I returned to the Lord with a solid answer: "Yes, Lord, I am willing to pay the price." One of the things He told me was "to count the costs and don't look back. A couple of years ago, I did a series of teachings in our church called "Anycostal". The anointing is the principal thing that you and I need to do God’s work. �� � w !1AQaq"2�B���� #3R�br� Not really. See, I was in a spiritually abusive church during those days—only I didn't know it was abusive. Even fewer are willing to consider taking up the cross daily. Last night, I was praying and The Lord spoke to me in my mind, "The Cost of the Anointing". When the Lord finally opened my eyes to what was happening there—when the leadership turned on me and I became a victim of the spiritual abuse I'd long witnessed—I had two choices. It was part of that "dear price" the Lord told me about. The urgency was that we are Pentecostal but are we anycostal. % Created by calibre 2.35.0 [] Thus began almost two decades of severe trials. Count the costs and be ready to give you an answer with assurance. the anointing and how to operate in the anointing as a lifestyle. Prayer, Holy Spirit, Anointing, and more., Hi dolfan,Many years ago I was at a home gathering with a bunch of saints. This anointing is a living and tangible thing that lives in us - takes up residence in us - dwells in us - and best of all - it remains in us (it never leaves us!). Yes, His grace really is sufficient (see 2 Cor. Done! Vengeance really is His and He really will repay (see Rom.12:19). I lost my front row seat, my titles, my spiritual parents—I lost it all. Aaron and his sons were anointed to the priesthood (Exodus 30:30; Leviticus 8:12). I sensed the pleasure of the Holy Spirit at my sincere answer, but I never anticipated what He would tell me next: "It will be a very dear price.". EVERYTHING! I remember crying out to the Lord " whatever it takes Lord." It is about time to make that payment....count the cost. Topics include Fear, Forgiveness, Holy Spirit, Supernatural, and How to Hear God. See, there was a higher price to pay to go where God was taking me next. It wasn't easy. One of those prayers that you know that you know was heard before the throne. Pray for me. 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