Lesser, retooled incarnations aired on NBC (1990-91) and again on CBS in 1991. Highlights of this program include: a couple, thinking the plane they're in is in danger of crashing, own up to marital infidelities; a Broadway star fears she will be recognized in a greasy spoon; guest Steve Lawrence sings "Isn't She Lovely"; and Mr. Tudball takes a call from Mrs. Wiggins' car repairman, thinking it's her doctor. Download the TV Guide app for iPhone, iPad and Android! Highlights of this final show of the series include: clips from prior shows; a question-and-answer session involving the cast; new sketches where Mr. Tudball is moving his office but does not give Mrs. Wiggins the new address, and in "The Family" Eunice and Mama see a psychiatrist; a surprise cameo by Jimmy Stewart; and the Charwoman closes up shop for the last time. Great skits (especially the movie parodies), music and celebrity guests add up to a classic series with the gifted, versatile Burnett and her talented regulars. The variety show debuted in 1967 on CBS, and was a Saturday-night staple for much of its 11-season run on the network before it was `time to say goodbye' with a brief stint on ABC in 1978. Rate. Great skits (especially the movie parodies), music and celebrity guests add up to a classic series with the gifted, versatile Burnett and her talented regulars. Directed by Clark Jones. Highlights of this penultimate show of the series include: a pantomime about a doughboy saying goodbye to his sweetheart; musical performances from guests Steve Lawrence ("Weekend in New England", "Here's That Rainy Day") and Bernadette Peters ("Jump Shout Boogie"; and for the close, a salute to composer Cole Porter. Highlights include: guests Ken Berry and Natalie Cole appearing in vignettes about television's influence on viewers; Natalie sings "Our Love"; a pantomimed tiff between a married couple; and a salute to the "mean and evil ladies" of popular songs. Rate. 2013 Fall TV Preview: Our Comprehensive Guide to the Season's New and Returning Shows Get a detailed look at every new and returning show coming to broadcast... 2012 Fall TV Preview: Our Night-by-Night Guide Christmas Special: Ella Fitzgerald, Sid Caesar, S11:E24. The director also teases what a potential Season 2 would be about. Directed by Dave Powers. Highlights include: guest Bernadette Peters sings "You Never Done It Like That"; Mr. Tudball nudges Mrs. Wiggins to clean up her desk before a prospective client arrives; an office girl introduces her two best friends to one another during a lunch; a series of skits about doctors advertising on TV; Carol and Dick pantomime a candlelight dinner where they can't open the wine bottle; and a salute to Betty Comden and Adolph Green. with Steve Lawrence and Captain and Tennille, S11:E15. Error: please try again. How close will the show stay to the comic storyline? 8. Highlights include: musical performances from guests Steve Lawrence ("By Myself") and The Captain & Tennille ("Gentle Stranger"); a reunion between a long-separated brother and sister; spoofs of current TV commercials; and a voiceover-based sketch about the real thoughts about a boss and his secretary during an after-hours session. Lesser, retooled incarnations aired on NBC (1990-91) and again on CBS in 1991. Highlights of this 11th-season premiere include: guest Jim Nabors sings "After the Lovin'," and he and Carol play a married country music singing duo announcing their impending divorce; new regular Dick Van Dyke plays Ed's old Army buddy in "The Family"; Dick and Tim do a pantomime as two bumbling workmen installing a plate-glass window in a boutique; and for the finale, a spoof of TV all-star specials.

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