The Solid Red Dragon Wings used to belong to WootMoo. The Griffin Wingsare clothing items worn on the back. Yes The Galaxy Wings come in only one variant. Not to be confused with the Blackout Griffin Wings. The original colors were renamed to ", It can be obtained through various Animal Passages in ocean. When the new land Moku'ahi was introduced, along with its items in the shops being member-only, the Weekly Member Gifts are now members-only from then on. Recycle for Price Søøøtrîggèrèd is still the current owner of the wings. Thi . Basic Information It should be noted that the Galaxy Wings are quite rare, and not many Jammers actually own them. WindyWoot 21,965 views. As of now there are only 3 in game, making it hard to find and obtain. Available 1 Appearance 2 History 2.1 Super Sweets 3 Triva 4 Gallery Griffin Wings are a pair of feathered metalic wings that are golden in color. yo i saw half this stuff on fandom an hour age, i just finished playingv ajpw for an hour, im on freaking level 32 dont tell me im a noob!!!!!! We’re working on adding more Play Wild guides too! There was also a "beta" gray coloration of the Wings, but it was removed very early during the Beta Stage. Animal Jam Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. OMG it said i am a noob but yet I have a rainbow spike, double tail, i used to have blackout wings and arabian mask, but yet IM A NOOB?! The item was originally rewarded as a Weekly Member Gift, but that was over a year ago. I’m sad with myself (: o, Hey ppl got 4/10 pretty rubbish but any who my username for the mobile version of aj is arcticshadowwolf8 make sure to buddy me if my list is full just tell me here and I will delete ppl also i have a double tail that I can take offers for be fair dont SCAM and thanks for reading , It says ima noob I'm amazing at play wild ma used name is bunny rainbow 39, DUDE YOU SAY IM A NOOB? They were rewarded to members as a Weekly Member Gift. Yes You can see what it looks like in the picture below. Home → Play Wild Items → Galaxy Wings – Rare AJPW Item. Oh and btw my user on ajpw is Eliza2007, BE SURE TO BUDDY ME AND CHECK OUT MY DEN, TY!!!! Date Released The Solid White Dragon Wings were a previously hacked-in-game item, before being removed by AJHQ. Note: Rare Dragon Wings are commonly referred to as "Drag", ''Dragon'', or "Drag Wings" by most Jammers as abbreviations.

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