Caden:  “Spirit of battle,” is the meaning of this Welsh name. Ripley is one of the first butt-kicking heroines of cinema. Gamora – With the popularity comic book movies are quickly gaining, we couldn’t not name a super strong fighter. All rights reserved. In Hebrew, it means, “Lioness of God.”, Ariel:  Ariel has a pretty wicked meaning. It can also be a cooking measurement. Diem:  Diem is the Latin word for, “Day.”  Most know this as part of the saying, Carpe Diem. Lejeune:  This name means, “the younger.”  It is also the name of a North Carolina Marine base. Petra:  This is a common first name in Germany. When there is a storm in the air, it is often referred to as stormy. Quinn:  Quinn is the last name for Harley Quinn. It is a delicacy and pricey. This means, “Good.”  However, everyone knows that this a tropical drink. Freeway:  Freeway is a major road. Rosé is a wine that is made with dark grapes. Maybe you have a dog who likes to jump and kick, so you can call him Eric (after the Cantona, the French footballer). It is a classic cocktail. She is the Queen of the Gods and married to Jupiter. This would be a cool military name or a blue-eyed pooch name. She may be insane, but she is tough. Pita:  Pita bread is flat bread that you can slice to create a pocket. Amber has a yellow and gold color to it. Myrtle is also a specific bush that has flowers on it. Also, it is the letter, “J,” from the NATO alphabet. Scampers:  You can drop the, “s,” if you like the sound better. Britta:  This doesn’t come from the water pitcher. Ice:  This chill name comes from the cold. Ferns have leaves that look like feathers. So, if you choose it for your pup, you’re covered for both a man or a woman. Vera:  Vera has 2 cool meaning that could be used for a pooch. Alesta:  Alesta means, “Defender of man.”  This would be cool for a pooch that protects your house. It is used for the letter “I.”  India Pale Ale is also a type of Ale, IPA. There is also a Destroyer after her, USS Hopper. Matti:  This is a nickname of Matilda. For example, imagine any man at the dog park belting out, “Come here Cupcake!”  Do you really want to be THAT dog owner? Makenna:   This is a lot like, Kenna. This is an aborigine throw stick. Azurite:  Azurite is a soft stone that comes in a deep shade of blue. Kerta:  Kerta has the meaning of, “Warrior.”  Have you ever heard a pooch called this? If you can’t get enough of your sweet little pooch, then this might be a good name. So, if you have beach attitude, this will work for your new puppy. Zipper:  A zipper is two pieces of metal or plastic that have teeth. How about, “Bear,” in Choctaw? If a person is called a Pearl, that means that they are rare and worth a lot. Many want a strong dog name because their dog looks regal, noble and powerful.

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