Paul Shenar has been died on Oct 11, 1989 ( age 53). Arnold, died Sept. 20, 1992, at age 49. Drag performer. Resident conductor with the San Francisco Opera. Shenar turned in credible and memorable performances in film, such as the diabolical Colombian drug lord Alejandro Sosa, in Brian De Palma's Scarface (1983), and most notably, voicing the evil conspiring rat, "Jenner", in Don Bluth's The Secret of NIMH (1982). Worked with Sammy Davis Jr., Liza Minnelli, Petula Clark and Leslie Uggams. No list of this type can be complete. Portrayed, A founding member, actor, director, and teacher of the American Conservatory Theatre (ACT) in San Francisco, he played more than 40 roles there, including "Hamlet," "Oedipus Rex" and "Tiny Alice.". Dancer and choreographer. Had more than 10 plays produced, mostly at Theatre Rhinoceros. Concert pianist. Nicholas Stern Leiser, died Dec. 11, 1992, at age 38. Robert De Andreis, died Aug. 2, 1995, at age 36. Larry Hinneman, died 1982. Dancer. [4], Articles incorporating text from Find a, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia,,,, Episode: "The Adventure of Miss Aggie's Farewell Performance". [3], He died from complications of AIDS on October 11, 1989. Actor, dancer, acrobat, director, producer, choreographer and graphic artist. Allan Estes, died May 6, 1984, at age 29. Performed with the Margaret Jenkins Dance Company. ». Paul was gay, it was well-known. -- 10:53, 11 July 2010 (UTC) It is my opinion that Paul Shenar probably was gay but until we have some real proof I strongly agree that we leave that out here. En 1975, il incarne Orson Welles dans La Nuit qui terrifia l'Amérique, puis trois ans plus tard il est Floren Ziegfield dans Ziegfield: The Man and His Women. Charles Butts, died May 21, 1984, at age 31. Actor. Bassoonist. Jesse Hollis, died Sept. 6, 1988, at age 39. Studied at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and in "American Jukebox," a rock musical. Director, actor. Shenar's performance in The Secret of NIMH so impressed producer Don Bluth he had wanted to hire Shenar to also voice the villain Borf in the game Space Ace, but was unable to do so due to budget issues (a role that ultimately went to Bluth himself).[2]. Ed Mock, died April 28, 1986, at age 48. Après avoir obtenu son diplôme d'études secondaires, il s'enrôle dans l'US Air Force, de 1954 à 1957[1]. Michael Duden, died July 14, 1998, at age 45. Collaborated with Stephen Pelton. Paul Shenar n'a pas eu de voix régulière lors des doublages de films et séries télévisées en France. The first in-house costume designer for "Beach Blanket Babylon," he also designed for Charles Pierce and the San Francisco Opera. Jeffrey T. Sage, died May 5, 1993, at age 28. Mais c'est en 1983 qu'il se fait connaître avec le rôle du mafieux Alejandro Sosa dans le film culte Scarface de Brian De Palma. Performed flamenco on Broadway, television and at Casa Madrid, which he co-owned. Elwood Thornton, died April 7, 1989, at age 45. He did a stage version of Macbeth in Los Angeles and appeared in films like Best Seller (1987), The Bedroom Window (1987), The Big Blue (1988), plus the TV film Rage of Angels: The Story Continues. Led 1960s troupe Black Light Explosion. An actor who appeared with Oakland Ensemble Theatre, TheatreWorks and other theaters. Christopher Marquis, died Feb. 11, 2005, at age 43. Served as ballet master at San Francisco Ballet and Dallas Ballet. Performed with the San Francisco Opera Ballet. Performed with Xoregos Dance Company and Martha Graham Dance Company. Dancer. Raymond Tasco, died Sept. 23, 1986, at age 40. Charles Lee Morris, died Jan. 6, 1986, at age 42. Paul Shenar in 'Raw Deal' Paul Shenar (1936 - 1989) . He voiced the evil rat Jenner in the animated feature The Secret of NIMH (1982). Dancer and choreographer. Attractive, dark-featured character actor with a voice like thunder, and eyes like a wolf, who was featured in less than sympathetic roles throughout his career. Shenar also portrayed the ruthless Bolivian drug lord Alejandro Sosa in Brian De Palma's 1983 feature film, Scarface. Anthony Herschel Perles, died Sept. 22, 1986, at age 50. Shenar made a splash, portraying Orson Welles in The Night That Panicked America (1975). Taught classics at Yale and Stanford. The Marin County resident, a graduate of Redwood High School and UC Berkeley, was on leave from the New York Times, writing his second novel, when he died. The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue. Fused modern dance and jazz dance, acting, improvisation and mime in his work. (1974), Time Out For Dad Donald Montwill, died Oct. 25, 2003, at age 48. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. He was part owner of the Holy City Zoo club. Neal Lo Monaco, died Feb. 12, 1987, at age 41. ",,, Portail des séries télévisées américaines,, Article à illustrer Personnalité du cinéma, Article contenant un appel à traduction en anglais, Article de Wikipédia avec notice d'autorité, Page pointant vers des bases relatives à l'audiovisuel, Portail:Séries télévisées américaines/Articles liés, licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions, comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence. « Paul Shenar, died Oct. 11, 1989, at age 53. Death came, in most cases, when these artists were just reaching their prime. Paul Shenar, died Oct. 11, 1989, at age 53. Shenar gained attention playing larger-than-life entertainment legends in 1970s television films—Orson Welles in The Night That Panicked America(1975) and Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr., in Ziegfeld: The Man and His Women (1978). John Henry, died April 8, 1996, at age 49. Costume designer. Author, professor. Film critic and musician. A resident set designer at American Conservatory Theater, Hollis' designs were seen at theater and opera companies throughout the country, including Berkeley Rep, Oregon Shakespeare Festival and the Magic Theatre. Other roles of note include Dr. Lawrence in Luc Besson's The Big Blue (1988), Joshua Adams in Deadly Force (1983), Paulo Rocca in the action packed Arnold Schwarzenegger film, Raw Deal (1986), and Ben Gardner, the father of a troubled Kristy McNichol, in Alan J. Pakula's Dream Lover (1986), respectively. Made his Broadway debut as 'Brother Julian' in the production of "Tiny Alice" circa 1965. Transportation historian. A drum major for the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Marching Band, Watson acted in local productions. Herman George, died May 20, 1986, at age 46. Though not a household name in his time, his candor, energy, and aesthetic performances have left a long lasting impression, that only gets better with age, and will not soon be forgotten. Eric Gupton, died April 30, 2003, at age 43. Danced with the Della Davidson Dance Company and the High Risk Group. Writer. Composed scores for productions at the Eureka Theater and Berkeley Stage Company. Wayne F. Parrish, died July 26, 1991, at age 41. Dancer and choreographer. Dan Turner, died June 4, 1990, at age 42. Died: October 11, 1989 in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA (AIDS) Birth Name: Albert Paul Shenar: Height: 6' 1½" (1.87 m) Poet, playwright, performance artist. They were tenors and trumpeters, playwrights and dancers, novelists and record producers, actors and printmakers. Carl T. Daddio, died Oct. 30, 1994, at age 46. Dance teacher and choreographer. Performed principal roles with the San Francisco Ballet and Stuttgart Ballet. Founded and led the men's chorus Chanticleer. Aaron Osborne, died Dec. 13, 1995, at age 48. Louis A. Botto, died Feb. 24, 1997, at age 45. Opera conductor. Actor, singer, songwriter. Principally a singer with a unique vocal style, Gray appeared in some theatrical revues and in "Dirty Dreams of a Clean-Cut Kid" at Theatre Rhinoceros. Actor. Dancer. Created Sluts-a-Go-Go with drag queens Miss X and Doris Fish. Dancer and choreographer. Experts say there will be more pandemics—but you can... Is working from home (literally) a pain in the neck? Chronicle reporter became the nation's foremost chronicler of AIDS and gay life with the 1987 publication of his book, "And the Band Played On: Politics, People and the AIDS Epidemic," followed in 1993 by "Conduct Unbecoming," an examination of discrimination against gays in the military. The mayor is putting the brakes on the majority of activities and businesses that were... Hospitalized patients who recovered perform worse than expected on intelligence tests. Ben Carter, died April 1, 1996, at age 34. Actor. Comedian. Il a prêté aussi sa voix au personnage de Jenner dans le film d'animation Brisby et le secret de NIMH. Award-winning journalist. Former owner and publisher of the San Francisco Sentinel, Morris co-founded two AIDS hospice programs in California. Frank Banks, died Jan. 20, 1993, at age 46. Dancer. Ces deux téléfilms lui valent de se faire remarquer[2]. Dan Gensemer, died July 30, 1994, at age 44. Actor. Choreographed "Mobile" and other works. A computer systems specialist, Daddio performed widely in musicals in the Bay Area, receiving raves for his work in Diablo Valley Light Opera's "La Cage Aux Folles.". Co-founder of the wildly creative Angels of Light troupe, and co-creator and co-star of such hits as "Holy Cow," Price may be best remembered for his final performance, singing and tap dancing in his wheelchair in the film short "Song From an Angel.". Jim Samuels, died July 6, 1990, at age 41. Steve Merritt, died Jan. 26, 1993, at age 48. Part of the American Conservatory Theater's founding acting company, Shenar appeared in more than 40 plays with ACT in the 1970s, including appearances as Hamlet, Oedipus and in "Tiny Alice." Actor. Taught piano and voice in San Francisco public schools. Shenar became involved in theatre at an early age, working in Milwaukee playhouse productions. He voiced the evil rat Jenner in the animated feature The Secret of NIMH (1982). Craig Innes, died Oct. 28, 1995, at age 35. David Lungren, died July 30, 1993, at age 46. Dancer and critic. He died from complications of AIDS on October 11, 1989. Shenar continued to act during the late 1980s. Il est apparu aussi dans des films comme Deadly Force, Le Contrat, Pacte avec un tueur et Le Grand bleu de Luc Besson, qui est son dernier film. |  Il a prêté aussi sa voix au personnage de Jenner dans le film d'animation Brisby et le secret de NIMH. Mais c'est en 1983 qu'il se fait connaître avec le rôle du mafieux Alejandro Sosa dans le film culte Scarface de Brian De Palma. After a few satiating years on and off Broadway, Paul found himself again relocating, this time to Philadelphia. The creative force behind "Beach Blanket Babylon," the longest continually running show in the nation, he combined outrageous creativity with a pinpoint-precision sense of timing. Antonio Mendes, died Feb. 7, 1991, at age 41. Actor. An actor with Oakland Ensemble Theatre and Black Repertory Group, Tasco directed several works at Theatre Rhinoceros and Lorraine Hansberry Theatre. », Droit d'auteur : les textes des articles sont disponibles sous, Paul Shenar, died Oct. 11, 1989, at age 53. A stage director for Donald Pippen's Pocket Opera, Fleming appeared in productions at the Magic and Eureka Theatres and Theatre Rhinoceros and was a member of the San Francisco and Oakland Symphony choruses. Dans les années 1970, Paul Shenar a entretenu une relation, qui aurait duré cinq ans, avec l'acteur Jeremy Brett[3],[2]. Peter Kadyk (born Peter Overton), died April 17, 2001, at age 32. A fifth-generation San Franciscan, author of "HIV Commentary: Preparation for Life's Ultimate Journey," a collection of his San Francisco Sentinel columns.

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