It was creepy. I weep a tear for him. It’s amazing just to think that all of a sudden one day it was gone. Do they pay horrible? The morning show drive time ratings have dropped dramatically, Night ratings have dropped dramatically, I think weekend ratings came in like 18th. In a hastily arranged meeting on July 18, the Sporting News announced it was letting 20 staffers go, leaving only 12 full-timers across all departments. Muster any shots on sports. Yet because of so many talented people who were part of it — many unknown then and well-known now — the station has had a profound and lasting effect on the sports media landscape. Holley: I remember one time Michael Smith was doing a show I wasn’t, and he gave me a call and he said, “Oh, you’ve got to get to the station. What matters is 18-54 (Men are more significant) and drive time. At least one prominent Globe sportswriter was part of the McDonough Group almost every day. McDonough: The best line — I never had it tacitly confirmed — but the signal apparently had an easterly signal, and I remember Bob Lobel told me one time, he was on a boat and it came in great, and it’s a great station if you’re a fish. There were real problems The Zone was struggling to overcome. So much of the signal was blowing out to the ocean. To NDame's point though, I don't think he did as much as it drove ratings and it's his job as an entertainer/company earner to talk about shit that he may not want to because it puts money in his and his company's pockets. We went hard after him in the summer of 2002. McDonough: It’s the only thing I’ve done in this business for the money, just because the money was too enticing to turn down. Praise the lord no more Yankee talk… No more larry johnson no more of that Commie Mustard, No more Joey of the northend No more LISTEN TOO ME! And I said, “Good luck to you; you’re going to have to take this because there’s no way we’re matching that.”. Ouch. You know, opinionated, and I guess he thinks I’m funny. I would think most of the M&J haters are fans of the various “turd” references on the Big Show. The Zone guys were there. And he goes one day, “You know who’s really good? A sociologist would have a tough time figuring out the concomitance. But McDonough’s show took the raise-the-bar approach at a time when perhaps the most contentious debate topic in Boston sports radio history was emerging: Who should be the Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady or Drew Bledsoe? Adams and the show remained on the air until 7:20 a.m., when Adams saw Kellogg walk through the door. Resources really began to dry up, and when it was really time when we needed, you know, another bucket of water on the fire, it wasn’t there. It was one of the most tragic days in American history. He’d show up about an hour before he was supposed to go on. The only time I ever listen is if I'm driving like under one mile somewhere and I don't feel like queuing up a podcast or music. The Kay show and Joe and Evan are so much better than F&M. I've written this many times, but I was a religious WEEI listener. I just wonder what their regular celebrity callers are going to do now that the show has been canceled. Illustration by Brendan Lynch/Globe Staff (custom credit). The end of an era. An absolute hack with a blatant racial agenda. Murray’s ok on the weekends. Description. The skepticism proved well-founded. Rumour has it that the Mut at Night show and all local weekend talk is out at WEEI, instead going to CBS sports national. Adams had planned to be married in an on-air ceremony in April. 4’s pregame show. It never really had a chance. The morning show was a syndicated Sporting News program, one that would not resonate in parochial Boston. View all posts by Bruce Allen. Sporting News was based in Chicago. The relationship with the Globe also ended. I tried to listen to Minihane's podcast but it gets monotonous fast. He didn’t want to do a low-rent show. Russillo’s talent, bolstered by dedicated preparation that included charting each night’s Red Sox game pitch by pitch, soon became apparent to his peers. By the way… Sean McAdam. There was no choice, no discussion to have. Why should I be so surprised that the majority of the “rubes” in these parts are glad to see Mustard & Johnson gone – Mustard was the only one who had the nads to say what’s on his mind not what he thought people wanted him to say or tow the party/station line. Greg Dickerson [another WEEI personality] would have been his cohost. Looks like the Spring ratings just came out per Minihane (only source I see so far). In this demographic, the Red Sox loom large. I am sure that they’ll be back at some point. Adams: So in a commercial break, I go into his office and say, “What the [expletive] is going on?” And he says, “I’m sorry you found out this way.” And I say, “Well, do you want me to go on the air, or do you want me to go to network,” which was Sporting News Radio. Soon, even more would be asked of the young hosts. If Rob Bradford and his new cronies take over the time slot I hope they go easy on the shameless plugging of their new…. But the talent-rich initiative was doomed from the start. The show even broke occasional news, such as the Red Sox’ signing of that other Damon, Johnny. My first role was to build a studio on Yawkey Way, right in Twins Souvenir Shop, where McDonough broadcast every afternoon when there was a Sox game. Twelve days after the name change, The Zone landed its first big fish, pilfering Celtics broadcast rights away from WEEI with an exorbitant five-year contract. “The McDonough Group” promised to be different than WEEI’s successful but often obnoxious “guy radio” approach. Ross Carey, producer: We’d get calls coming in, “I’m five minutes away. View BostonSportsMediaWatch’s profile on Facebook, View 100226618267166606506’s profile on Google+, WEEI Producer Suspended for Vulgar Texts To Rival 98.5 FM. Mustard and Johnson continues in Sports Radio. In the first year, The Zone wasn’t just eager to challenge WEEI in the market. But just so you know the whole story, Mustard wasn’t always a diehard Yankees fan. Anik wore a placard reading “We Believed.". And this was pretty early Internet. Jageler, Andelman’s cohost: I never worked with anyone like Eddie before. I’m like “Holy [expletive], that’s Gallagher.” You know, the guy who smashed watermelon in his comedy act? No one was going to pay higher ad rates for those two buffoons. I was thrilled. That was a fraction of WEEI’s ratings, which reached double figures in afternoon drive in those days, but it was progress. And then a couple of days later, I hear that Bill Simmons is getting a gig with Page 2 at ESPN. I am a Sox fan and hardly a liberal. I would think Felger might be a fit in there somewhere if he didn’t already have a Sunday morning commitment on Ch. Instead, they gutted it. Despite the yeoman marketing efforts, skepticism soon grew about Sporting News’s competence and commitment. Holley: The one thing we learned was that there was an appetite for another sports radio station. Remembering Tony Conigliaro the Sportscaster, Get Wholesale Sports Products from DHgate, Monday Night Football Delivers Its Most-Watched Week 8 Game Since the 2015 Season, ABC Delivers Its Top Viewership of the Season in all Three Game Windows in Week 9, DALE EARNHARDT JR., JEFF BURTON, STEVE LETARTE AND RICK ALLEN PREVIEW 2020 NASCAR CUP SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP – THURSDAY AT 1:30 P.M. You must log in or register to reply here. All of it, looking back, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. The Zone carried on as a sports station for a little while longer, but with a major difference: The hosts paid to be on the air, something that had begun even before Sporting News dropped all local programming. It was awful if not insulting. Quarter of six, we’re getting ready to go on the air, and [a fellow host] opens the Herald, and Jim Baker’s headline, stripped across the page, is “Adams Off The Air.”. It was like the beginning of the Drago-Apollo Creed fight [in “Rocky IV”] when neither was hitting each other and it was really bizarre. Mustard and Johnson are being relegated to 850AM and will no longer be on WEEI! Scott also touched on Hazel Mae officially landing at MLB TV, something Jessica Heslam also reported in the Herald today. Young ascending talents such as Simmons, Mike Giardi, Tim Hasselbeck, and Michael Smith were regular cohosts. I ‘m sure we’ve heard the last of Joey, Mike, Victor, John, et al.

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