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The exterior is typically finished with siding and shingles while the interior is finished with electrical, insulation, drywall, and paint. – Yes, Fully customizable design based on needs and existing conditions – Yes, Full aluminum screens come standard with all window and door rolling panels – Yes, Installation timeframe – A few days after peripheral items are complete*, Average Cost – Higher than a screen room or three season room due to the additional materials needed, Manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty – Yes, Engineered to be heated or cooled on ongoing basis – No; but can be heated or cooled on temporary basis using portable units, Average Cost - Less expensive than a four season room, Engineered to be heated or cooled on ongoing basis – No, Full aluminum screen rolling panels come standard – Yes, Manufactured in Climate Controlled Conditions – Yes, Upgradeable to Three-Season Sunroom at any point – Yes, Installation timeframe – a few days after peripheral items are complete*, Average Cost - Less expensive than Patio Enclosures three- or four-season sunrooms, Manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty - Yes, Assembled and/or Built in Climate Controlled Conditions? In fact, one of the most famous solariums—built in the White House in 1927—served as a recovery room for Ronald Reagan after he survived an assassination attempt, leading him to call it his favorite room in the presidential residence. Traditional windows and doors are hung. Furniture, Appliances, Electricity. While a solarium is a four season room that is entirely made of glass including glass walls and a glass roof, giving you an unobstructed view of the outdoors. Another factor to consider is what the type of furniture and appliances you will have in your new room addition. But a sunroom is often an unexpected bright bonus. Top-of-the-line aluminum and glass kit sunrooms can cost as much as $22,000. She loves running, reading, cold wine, and hot weather. Don't Neglect These 6 Maintenance Tasks—or Else, Debunked! “A sunroom will lengthen the amount of time that you can enjoy sunlight from the comfort of inside your home," says Kaitlin Martin of Choice Windows, Doors, and More, in Lancaster, PA. Lee has over two decades of hands-on experience remodeling, fixing, and improving homes, and has been providing home improvement advice for over 12 years. Such sunrooms have traditional stud-and-truss framing and shingle roofs, but the walls are predominantly glass, formed by patio doors or full-length windows. The fact that these are "kits" does not mean that assembly is an easy DIY project, although many homeowners have successfully assembled them. An all season room can be used every day of the year. Although the spaced added by a sunroom is defined as supplemental space—not the essential living space offered by room addition—for many homeowners, a sunroom is a perfect choice. How much use you will get from a sunroom depends both on your climate and the materials you use to build one. These prices quickly cause many people to look for alternatives to custom room additions. During your in-home estimate, one of our skilled professionals will come to you, listen to your needs, and assess your existing space in order to help you find the perfect fit your home. Construction for a pre-fabricated sunroom is less costly than a stick-built room addition because there are less building materials needed. Within the sunroom category, though there are two subcategories. The term sunroom is usually defined as a recreational space bridging indoor and outdoor living areas, usually with a considerable amount of wall space dedicated to glass—often as much as 80 percent. Marlee Newman, a real estate agent with Helaine Newman in Fairfax, VA, says while buyers always like a sunroom and it can increase the square footage of a home (which is good for resale), she wouldn’t advise putting one in for that reason alone. Three season rooms are not insulated for winter weather and are not designed to be heated and cooled, but provide enjoyment most of the year depending on your climate. Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home. Whether this meant that there were three walls and a ceiling attaching the structure to the house or that a freestanding, greenhouse-style separate building was preferred, the purpose of solaria was to trap as much light as possible. But it varies greatly depending on the materials you use, the size of the room, and other features you choose. With most room traditional room additions, HVAC systems need to be connected to existing systems or have separate systems installed. 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