Mophorn 50 Amp Plasma Cutter Dual Voltage 110 220V Plasma Cutting Machine 12mm(1/2 Inch) Cutting Thickness Portable Plasma Welder IGBT Inverter Digital Plasma … Moreover, this inverter-based plasma cutter weight many times less than other conventional cutting machine. Note that it does not come with an air compressor. For household repair or DIY tasks, you just need some portable one that has all the basic features and is user-friendly. Not to mention, it is durable and user-friendly. It has a maximum 100 amp output current, a 60% duty cycle and voltage compensation to tackle with +/- 15% electricity fluctuation. Moreover, its performance is reliable and efficient. The unit is as lightweight as 21.5 lbs so you can transport it to various job sites without bothering anybody to help. There is also a portable handle, making the portability even easier. The torch is durable against heat and impact, making a comfortable and sure grid on jobs. Moreover, plasma cutter create a narrow kerf and small heat-affected slag. However, the smaller – the more portable. Besides the portable design, the Lotos LT5000D is also powerful to handle different types of metals. The fact that PrimeWeld CUT50D is made in China might deter some of you from buying. Secondly, it is lightweight. The more you pay, the more features you might get. Moreover, there are other interesting features to explore. This plasma cutter comes with blow black pilot, adjustable post flow timer, and various consumables – all are helpful to improve the cutter long life. Excitingly, these tools are not limited to cutting, but they can also be used as gauges to generate plasma cutter art or align materials precisely. We review the five best plasma cutters with pilot arc. The Cut-100 is ideal for cutting stainless steel, mild steel, alloy, carbon steel, aluminum, and more. It occurs as a result of the swirling flow of the plasma jet – at a certain angle, it flings molten material out in front of the kerf instead of down through it. The Drag Torch technology is another excitement. It is also movable flexibly from one site to another. However, if it is cheaper, then it might be even worthy. It can handle up to 3/8’’ aluminum/stainless steel/galvanized; 5/8’’ mild steel, 3/16’’ copper, and 1/4’’ brass. For example, the latest inverter technology is used in this tool to reduce the bulky of the unit while increasing the efficiency by 30%. They are also more durable and reliable. Pilot arc plasma cutters minimize interference with electronics and help lengthen consumable life. Instead, let’s discuss the 3-in-1 benefits. Since PrimeWeld is a Chinese brand, we bet those writing the manual do not use English as their native language. MOSFETs are not ideal for the industrial welding environment as they are not built to handle that kind of extreme heat and voltage pressure. The energy generated is powerful to cut on a 6-inch gauge stainless metal. You have to invest more time in getting familiar with some software. The difference between the PrimeWeld cutter and the Amico Power is the outlet power. Besides advantages, there are still some flaws that manufacturers should improve to cut time and increase productivity. Developed from the Lotos LT500D, the Lotos LTP5000D features dual voltage, inverter technology, portable design and more importantly, the non-touch pilot air technology. First off, plasma cutters can handle almost all metals, whether they are ferrous or not. The earlier is a bit risky when using near electronic devices and appliances since it produces lots of interferences. This is a 120/240 V dual voltage machine that generates 10-45 A adjustable output power with a 60% duty cycle. All in all, this Mophorn 100 Amp 380V is powerful enough to perform top-notch cuttings. It features all of the five plasma cutters to be reviewed. – It Is The Hottest Thing Ever, Privacy Policy & Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer, High-quality materials and reliable components. It is far better than just using your hand – the hand is shaky and your eye is not 100% accurate. Not to mention, it lengthens the consumable life. Hence, you should purchase an additional one. This produces a rooster tail of sparks and molten material.

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