Little Bill and Fuchsia anticipate the huge fish they're going to catch. Brenda explains that it means sometimes people need to be alone with someone to talk, or just spend time together. In turn, Brenda and April and Bobby also tell him he's too little. Check system requirements. These are the most promising TV shows and streaming/VOD movies to watch... S4:E16. This cheers up Little Bill and allows him to say a heartfelt goodbye to his neighbor.All Together Now, When Friends Get Mad: Little Bill and his friends are painting pictures of Things We Like About Spring to decorate the room's bulletin board. When Monty come. It's Alice the Great's birthday! Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or later, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 10 or later. Brenda gets him to realize how eating something different can be fun by asking him if everything were made out of macaroni and cheese, would he still want to eat it? The Musical Instrument/ The Choir, S4:E10. SD. Little Bill is hesitant to try the new foods, and laments to his mother that he would rather eat food he is familiar with. Set in Philadelphia, the show centers on Little Bill Glover as he explores everyday life through his imagination. Little Bill, remembering what he did, is afraid to tell his brother what happened, fearing their father will be angry. He then suggests counting firelies, but Little Bill has nodded off. Bill sits quietly and listens to the girls practice, but when Tiny becomes sick during rehearsal and has to be sent home, Little Bill voluntee, I Can Sign: Brenda and Little Bill are grocery shopping when Little Bill notices a new cashier; he is confused because she doesn't talk, using her hands to communicate. Moth: Miss Murray is giving the class a lesson on insects, and has assigned each of the children a butterfly chrysalis to watch it change. A blizzard traps the Glover kids inside, where they chase away cabin fever by pretending it's summertime. He is the middle child, and oldest son of the Glover children. For other uses, see, Outstanding Performer In An Animated Program, "Nickelodeon's 'Little Bill' Debuts as First African American Balloon In 76th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade". Note: Little Bill is loosely based on the life of creator Bill Cosby, who was most likely referred to as Little Bill as a child since his name is William Henry Cosby, Jr. He’s a doctor, and treats Little Bill when he breaks his arm in "A Trip to the Hospital." Fuchsia Glover: Fuchsia is the paternal cousin of Little Bill, Bobby and April. When they return home and tell April what happened, she remarks that she's learning sign language at school and can teach Little Bill what to say; she shows him how to say Hello, Friends, and Elephant, and how to finger spell his name. It was developed through research and in consultation with a panel of educational consultants.[5]. Mr. Williams (voiced by Mike Mearian): A music store owner from "The Musical Instrument." Season 4, Episode 2 TV-Y Refusing to take an afternoon nap, Little Bill decides to run away from home. Alice the Great has an older brother and sister (see "The Surprise") and a cousin who lives in Cincinnati. Little Bill is the story of the Glover family, told through the viewpoint of the youngest son, Bill Glover Jr., affectionately known as Little Bill. Although he understands, Little Bill is worried that he'll never see his good friend ever again. She agrees, but explains that she can't stay long because she has to study for a test the ne, New Foods: Brenda and Little Bill are shopping at the grocery store when they run into Little Bill's classmate, Dorado, and his mother, Valencia. Little Bill follows the instructions carefully, and after a good night's rest, Elephant seems to be back to his old self.Elephant's Best Friend: Little Bill and Andrew are playing Space Explorers, and decide Elephant should play the alien in their story. SD. What Must I Do? Alice the Great gives Little Bill advice on how to get ready for school in the morning. Miss Aisha Murray–Clinkscales: Little Bill's kindergarten teacher, who later marries Dr. Winthrop Clinkscales (although the students are still allowed to call her Miss Murray, since they have trouble pronouncing her husband's surname). He is concerned that she won't know how to play any of his games, especially Captain Brainstorm. Bobby and Little Bill decide they should put on a ""Summertime In The Wintertime"" variety show for their parents to cheer them up. When Little Bill begins to miss her, she states, just look up at the sky and think of her looking at the sky, too. The Incredible Shrinking Little Bill/ The Big Swings, S4:E11. He also sees that there is not a ramp at their house, so it's hard for Monty to go up their stairs when he visits. Little Bill listens as they talk about what they're going to do. 2003 When Kiku accidentally ruins one of Little Bill's favorite drawings, he responds by crumpling her own work./There's going to be a party at the Glover house, and no one's more excited than Little Bill until he learns he's not invited. Little Bill joins him as a flying Little Billasaurus. Little Bill is an American flash-animated children's television series created by comedian Bill Cosby and produced for Nick Jr.[3] The stories are based on Bill Cosby's Little Bill book series (illustrated by Varnette P. Honeywood), set in Philadelphia,[4] and feature Bill Jr. learning a lesson or moral. April notes that Brenda and Big Bill were unable to avoid the snowstorm before heading off to work and will probably be tired, cold and wet when they come home. He sleeps over at Little Bill's house in one episode and in the next episode, he plays in the snow with Little Bill for the first time. Later, the Glover kids campaign for a dog of their own while canine-sitting a neighbor's playful pooch. Little Bill can barely contain his excitement because now that he can sign his name, he can get his very own library card! Big Bill says it needs a new battery but that Little Bill is too little to go to the store himself. Little Bill talks Brenda into letting him join April at her choir practice. But Alice the Great feels otherwise; she goes for a walk this time every morning. Afterwards, Little Bill joins April in a rousing rendition of “This Little Light of Mine.”. Big Bill helps Little Bill find the right instrument by playing his son some jazz records and taking him to a music store. Season 4, Episode 9 TV-Y Dr. Winthrop Clinkscales: Mrs. Murray's husband, whom she married in "Miss Murray's Wedding". Little Bill is the story of the Glover family, told through the viewpoint of the youngest son, Bill Glover Jr., affectionately known as Little Bill. April explains that it takes time to learn how to balance on the skates, but Little Bill gives up angrily after falling down several times. She also lives with the family. Paramount Home Media Distribution is the VHS and DVD distributor for the series. SD. Little Bill learns sign language to better communicate with a deaf supermarket worker. Later, Little Bill's patience is tried as he waits for a moth to emerge from its cocoon. My Father Confused Me... What Must I Do? Little Bill discovers why it's important for Brenda to have private time with Big Bill.

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