cA���(c��%�m4eq��W��3�����v仇�}8�Crس}��HJ��F�� lp ������%x{z���l-[_�>м=��;��s�&�S�Sds�T> �0ڨX_�G���"���g}�X�b��� b��fؿW�t��'K-o0f.\[X�/Z`Ԣ��3.�*�>�M�b����N/P lkN��ӊ��:���Ӗ��D`� A͕�棷%�wr'8�;O�2y�Lp=��ek��I�2��CצcOET�_�,9�tjH�ժ~��A��� c�o� Find the load capacity, minimum and maximum spread and headroom that fits your application. (1997) or for rope tension equalizer for floating drilling rigs by Bradon and Liftech has been involved in numerous equalizer beam … Leave a Comment on Handbook of Rigging In Construction & Industrial Operations. loudspeakers in such a manner, the system designer will have far greater control over relative levels and relative tonal response when commissioning and equalizing the installation. The fatigue cracking is caused by a combination of factors including high fatigue stresses, undersirable design details, and poor workmanship. Y�JZI��#��V�:U 4o޷4TV��}q���[&��7K[)�`��n����l�Y�7r���J�g�b�DU���t�㕲=���o�@��$�(��3��y���:U�e������Q�s���jX��\�, ����U�9�A���+������)����Z�Y׌�D#kQʁ��$ЛcOAQ �r��E/���2+jF�'��-�)��.��ء���4 `98�uaA B�'�KE��-y�v��eyt�o�yC["���;J�8�ka��%���� XjI�nv͠�����[1 �x�� ��*��$"T/�� ��. A spreader, often called a spreader beam, is actually a strut loaded in compression. Fatigue cracking of pin plates in equalizer beams has occurred in many cranes, made by different manufacturers, at various locations. Lifting Beams. connected to a line above the rig floor and pressures were then Fatigue cracking of pin plates in equalizer beams has occurred in many cranes, made by different manufacturers, at various locations. %PDF-1.7 %���� We have investigated the cause of the fatigue cracking, performed structural analyses, provided modification concepts, assessed the effectiveness of the modifications, and helped develop new equalizer beam designs. All Lifting custom manufacture all of our lifting devices. Lifting Beam designs can be as simple as one central top lifting point and two no. ޗBv�����=�����.���g�%y԰,�L� Their combined weight must be subtracted from the load capacity of the equipment to Our Model 33 modular lifting beam system is our newest addition to the Caldwell spreader beam family. ;E� �����)��) ) r�N �tM�V�~O �:,��dM�C W�U��5���)��������� ��x���������ADw4�wt0�Ttt40 Y`. �R�!� `�O40g���DG�1�'��0�УO;���S;k|�/�h�~��]D.�c Equally important is the attention paid at ... hooks, slings, equalizer beams, and other parts of the lifting tackle. Choose from modular, adjustable and two-position spreader beams and fixed and adjustable fiberglass battery lifting beams. Find parts, products, suppliers, datasheets, and more for: Industrial Computers and Embedded Systems, Material Handling and Packaging Equipment, Electrical and Electronic Contract Manufacturing, Lifting and Rigging Attachments - Indicates content that may require registration and/or purchase. Both types of beams are also able to be manufactured as an extendable/telescopic that can be extended in either fixed or variable points to lift various load sizes. How Often Do You Need Your Lifting Gear Inspected? Hendrickson DOES NOT sup-ply equalizing beam assemblies without bushings . Subwoofer, Black -- FB-100, Speakers - View Specs Lifting and Rigging Attachments - Tube Lifter JumboSprint Ex Supplier: Schmalz Inc. equalization and tuning. Regardless of whether you are planning to use a spreader bar or spreader beam, they both fall under the ASME B30.20 below-the hook-lifting code. `#Z��B���1���l��i�m�u� It's basically a 1" x 3/8" bar of steel. 348 0 obj <>stream Notice that to endstream endobj startxref �t�֏�`F��aoּ0�K1�� l�ח)Ӏ9��A���E���D@���z�W�g[c3�:Қ@0C����i��W_���� ����h��*��֤�2�eb�E�Ao6(��^�:� �۪T}�n���&z&~��32K����Z[���q�_�poN�E�dJ Cord -- 7mm Sewn Cord, Speakers - HN;V}��u�����yA|�/]_HL�\b�S��Յ$��r���Iq�[}��U{7���yV����Ru�z�-�� Here's another fun part to make. More rigid and use more material to make (which costs more $$), Heavier than an equivalent spreader beam to counteract bending forces applied to the beam, May need a tagline to control load movement, Convert lifting loads into compressive forces into the bar and tensile forces in the lifting slings, Highly effective in their use of material making them smaller and lighter (and less expensive) than a similar lifting beam, The load is evenly distributed across the top 2 lifting points which reduces stress on a single lifting point, Can help control load tipping, sliding or bending, Control the sling angles reducing the chance of damaging the load, Require a lot of headroom to accommodate the lifting slings above the beam, Long or uneven loads may require a tag line to control the load and reduce spinning, Not ideal if the load needs to be supported by multiple lifting points underneath the beam. Such devices should be included in the engineering/planning of the lift and must be appropriately selected and dimensioned. It is also important to consider the weight distribution of the load and to do a test lift. If you are attempting a multi-beam lift, a lift engineer can help you plan and specify appropriate hardware/rigging to perform the lift safely. by Wiek (1997) or for rope tension equalizer for floating drilling rigs by Bradon Find Rigging Equalizer related suppliers, manufacturers, products and specifications on GlobalSpec - a trusted source of Rigging Equalizer information. Modulift Spreaders are versatile, lightweight and cost effective. Liftech has been involved in several RTG equalizer beam repairs. loudspeaker -- LT 3202® WR, Comprehensive Diagnostic and Water Shut-off in Open and Cased Hole Carbonate Horizontal Wells, SODIUM GRAPHITE REACTOR QUARTERLY PROGRESS REPORT FOR APRIL-JUNE 1957, Closed Hole Circulation Drilling: Case Study of Drilling a High-Pressure Fractured Reservoir - Tengiz Field, Tengiz, Republic of Kazakhstan, Northern Power NW 1500 Direct-Drive Generator: April 12, 2001 - September 30, 2006, Differential Structure, Tangent Structure, and SDG. An equalizer line was %%EOF ���s箱���M��ԑT���|�H)�S�{ia@�;;;;;����{���⯛ū��(�6O�{Y�|���O�^������.�0�S�)`���p�r7�^,��44j��8�"��^,=_ rz�������_n�e���۟7ʍ�Б�څәs�R�2L��_����y�y�^�|���� �±�O/rt�V��k޹H�������o�9H�K�#3=N���B! ��lk��Rf�=˽]�i(�^�|D}�u=�v�slp��8��÷�*S�8ww���Y.�-��� �|z��'}��p���*SU%/u�W�V��M��HC��|W�W#7W���BA ��e5}O~�=Ri��[�PK��MfBr�8zS-'�b�U��[\k. , paintable enclosure has a removable terminal block for loop-through terminations and six rigging points for suspended mounting. PD 04.11.2020 by jyde Ten M8 threaded rigging points are provided for a variety of safe flying configurations with four of these inserts available, bottom-mounted, in an OmniMount® 60.0 bracket footprint. ��H߃�G|����T� �H. Our lifting specialist can discuss your lifting application with you and help to determine the best type of rigging equipment for the job. We also have overseas locations in Indonesia, Singapore, and Papua New Guinea. They have two attachment points at both ends of the top side of the bar. F?��0�5������wtO�%t�^�jd4]Y}��W�L' �K{��VG��f�1��V���A.r(3 �����r�t�� j��p��OWY���{����w�EG�����.f/�{�-��T=��%toM��E�I��tT��O⻗�r���̢U�f�W-x34�'����k2K�Q��OQr����ey�{ 3�ܝ�M��ޅ.`��>�8��MH۸��y�O��ٱﱚR����GA���Vy[�@�=ؗ)�����,0sQ����z�(-F[���>��j3�6��rmV �Fu(�Q�~���J�����[��1�)&\qb�U���b 0 Lifting beams and spreader bars are some of the most common types of lifting devices, however the difference is often misunderstood. They can also be fabricated with adjustable bottom lifting points, at fixed or variable increments. endstream endobj 324 0 obj <>stream form this rig we need to be an exponent object, as it is defined by the equalizer . Stainless Steel Blocks, Sheaves & Pulleys, Beams are rigid and have a heavy design which is ideal for loads that are weak or flexible and need support. For applications in which audio quality is paramount but operational simplicity and low-cost are also critical, the QSC SC28 processor delivers factory programmed voicings while also offering user-adjustable system, Description: Lifting beams have a single centred lifting point on the top side of the beam to connect to a crane, hoist or other lifting mechanism. released to a Halliburton high pressure pump unit. recommended crossover and active equalization. In passive mode, the system shall handle 280 W of amplifier power (IEC 268-5 pink noise, 6 dB crest.

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