She was the leader of the group of warriors found in the company of the avatar's flying bison, so it makes sense that she might have some information on his whereabouts, and the guards at the Boiling Rock. This story follows the basic plotline of LOK, but I have shifted some ages around so that I could add some interesting drama. After all, Izumi is quiet, stoic, and a bit harsh like Mai, so the pairing would make sense. Questions about their future begin to arise and things come to a head when Lin responded to an emergency call. Varrick was one of the people helping with harnessing the spirit vines. An uncontested piece of fanon based on something that is all but stated in canon is that, Many fans were speculating that Kyoshi was either lesbian or bisexual long before she was, Zuko gets mocked by Azula telling him he was "lucky to be born." Katara has the highest fighting iq in the verse because not only is she the most versatile/skilled bender in terms of how many techniques she knows and can apply(sans avatars), but she is also the best at manipulating the environment to fight for her, consistently using this to come out on top in highly unfavourable situations where sheer bending prowess would not save her. Strategical mind - Azula or Unalock and Verrick in third place. @anthp2000: I know you have Hama in Water, and can kinda agree there, but what about the other 3 elements? What if Zhao killed the Ocean spirit instead. This peace would be interrupted, however, when, at the beginning of the new year, Korra finds that she is no longer the only Avatar in the physical world.

So I was wondering just exactly who is the smartest character in the verse. She was a member of Team Avatar and fought with them until the very end. Honestly, I would say Kuvira, Azula, Iroh, and Korra are actually above Unalock. Will go in more later as I am fairly busy atm. Blue flames are naturally way hotter than that of red or orange flames. This is the subreddit for fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, the comics, the upcoming Netflix live action ATLA series, novels, games, and all other Avatar content. For the character in the film, see Zhao. Here are 10 unanswered questions that Korra failed to answer and maybe made us question more. Luckily, the Avatar: The Last Airbender comics are still being produced, so the hope is still on the horizon to have some of the questions answered.

Toph I would agree should be here because she literally came up with a form of bending noone had ever seen before. Overall intelligence (who are smart in all types mentioned, but doesn't have to be smartest in any field)- Dunno, this could go to a number of people with the front runners being Kuvira, Azula, Varric, Sokka etc.

However I would still say Hiroshi Sato is a better engineer than Varrick. Together, Sokka and Suki are an affectionate couple that are confident with their own strengths and personalities. In-series, it's never clarified either way if they're nonbenders or if they're benders who just aren't depicting bending on-screen. I would honestly not put Katara here. She is a writer and podcaster and has been published in the Spring 2019 and Sumer 2020 editions of the Sartorial Geek Quarterly Magazine.

The only thing he really lack is bending, and that would honestly be hard for him to do, considering that he isn't a bender. Khari leaves home to find her own path as a Beifong. Kuvira was in her cell when she was informed that she had two visitors. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from Hiroshi Sato has always been portrayed as the upmost mind in engineering.

As of the final episode, the idea that, at some point, Asami did start liking Korra and not Mako is actually canon. I feel Korra is fairly underrated here. I also believe that Zuko and Jin could have twins since Izumi could most likely inherit all the facial genes of her father and her twin sibling could have inherited the genes from Jin (probably Kuvira's mom, Asami's mom or Naoki).

Several factors contribute to this bit of Fanon: 1) As waterbenders are empowered by the moon, and the Northern Water Tribe worships the Moon Spirit, so firebenders are empowered by the sun, therefore it seems logical that the Fire Nation would worship a Sun Spirit. @byondeon:What do you think of this list? Zhu Li I honestly feel is shown prominently to be smart, like really smart, yet I don't know why people underrate her so much. Any other exact ages are fanon, especially the insanity of how someone as, A popular notion in fanfiction is that citizens of the Fire Nation worship the Sun Spirit as a god and call it Agni. And thanks, couldn't find this kind of topic before on this verse so an opportunity to make it. Press J to jump to the feed. I also agree with this and want to give him credit. (I will specify what I change in each chapter). As the only earthbending child of her siblings she is always treated different until the day she decided to take destiny into her own hands. General knowledge - Iroh or Unalock both had copious amounts of knowledge on how the world worked, Unalock even knowing the full extent of he’s water bending but the same can be said about Iroh who knew lightning bending but only taught Zuko how to redirect lightning. Two detectives threaten to make her worst fears a reality. The series never mentions if he was married or even if he had children, though if he did, fans probably would've heard some sort of mention from Tenzin about his cousins. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. So now we needed two dads. In terms of resourcefulness, I believe Hama takes the cake. And how much after did he join? Lin, needing a way to travel to Zaofu to see her family, accidentally ends up creating up a last-minute vacation for everyone to the city. Fans know he reformed his ways and became the best character in the series, but what pushed it over for the organization to consider and trust him with their secrets? However, it is also known that the two break up in the comics. I would argue she is in the top 3 waterbenders we have seen, aside from Korra and Amon. Yea, but that doesn’t match with a ship and we can’t have that. I don't think Katara is really the most versatile bender while fighting. And who is the most all-around intelligent one. But I would honestly think that some of the engineers would be here as well, and Jinora. Both his sword and his boomerang seemed to be part of Sokka's identity. In The Siege of the North, what happened to Zhao after the hand grabbed him? Discover (and save!) And furthermore, it is very unclear how Iroh joined them, and when. Sometimes we forget that the world would be nothing without our ancestors forming it the way they did and giving it to use to advance it.

Moreover, they set a precedence for impressive non-bending characters. Moreover, they set a precedence for impressive non-bending characters. Mai would have confirmed the theories as to whether or not she was Izumi's mother, and Ty Lee would have been a great involvement for the Amon arc of the series. Who was your favorite villain of the original trilogy?

Some Tokka shippers generally believe that Sokka is Su's father. He invented the technologically advanced vehicles Republic City, the heart of the world, and the United Nations, the strongest army on the planet, use. This could also support the reason why Tonraq took the mantle of chief of the Southern Water Tribe instead of a descendant of Sokka. Engineering - Verrick or Hiroshi Sato there is no third place that can compete with these too think what has Asumi actually accomplished her dad is a better candidate for making those mechasuits. Bisexuality seems plausible, as the fact that she has a male fiance suggests that she is probably attracted to men. Mabe Zhu Li, and arguably Amon, Kuvira and Zaheer but some parts of their portrayal did them no favours. I mean, he is a great strategist, as he has proven time and time again (not as good as Korra, Sokka, Azula, Kuvira) but up there at least. 4) Korra and Amon could be related to Katara and Sokka. Evidence usually used to support this is that Baatar sounds like "Bato" with an Earth Nation spin, that Baatar Sr. is an engineer and a non-bender, and that Baatar Jr. looks more like his father than his mother. She trained new Kyoshi warriors (some of which may have been the ones who trained Asami at a young age). @byondeon: Hm underrated? This has caused fans to speculate that she has Air Nomad in her family.

On the other hand, the scene in which this is revealed makes it clear that the word "ponytail" does exist in their world. While she didn't out strategize Kuvira, she could definitely think on her feet and come up with plans. Sokka was high on cactus juice, Aang was volatile and Toph was a mess and could barely see. I see you have a fetish for Unalock. As Kuvira's s… This accomplishment is honestly unrivalled when you think that up to his time people relied almost exclusively on bending for transportation, ships unaccounted for. @chloros: Honestly, I kind of can get on board with your analyzes, besides the bending one. @vengefulshot: Honestly, I have not really seen Katara do anything that other benderers don't do frequently in a fight. I can agree with your statement here.

Or somehow the vangefull La managed to traverse him to the spirit world phsycally and therefore he remained as an immortal human in the fog as a punishment?

But Sokka and Suki were still young where the comics left them off, so it is possible that they had an unforeseen breakup between the time they were 18 and his brief appearances in Korra flashbacks. This is based on the Roll with the Punches series: It's generally assumed that Toph's parents and Ursa are nonbenders. She also comments that she still loves Zuko and it is made clear to fans that Zuko may still have feelings for her as well. This is probably in part because she was Zuko's only canon love interest in the original series who lasted longer than one episode, and in part because her only. I think regardless though, it could still make sense despite the different location, I’m sure Su would have know who her uncles son was though she would be aware of who Tophs closets friends son was who was more like family, Maybe that's how she knew Baatar then! Also, is there a character you feel is underrated in terms of intelligence? Let me know what you think :), 5 times Mako gives Lin a pet name + 1 time that Lin gives him one. I feel like that if Zuko broke up with Mai to the point their relationship will always end up toxic no matter how many feelings she has for him and Katara marrying Aang. I feel like Kuvira's past with her family could be related to how Long Feng lost power as the Grand Secritariat of Ba Sing Se and it could have affected his descendants financially including Kuvira in a way that they were wanting to regain the power Long Feng had in ruling the Earth Kingdom. Sokka isn't that level, though he is a respectable tactician. Honestly, she is a great waterbender, but all the things she does is really what most skilled Waterbenders are replicating. Many fans wanted her to go through a redemption arc, but she would never accept the opportunities she was given. She was also fairly naive because of that. My SECOND CHANNEL can be found via a link on my main page or at 'TwotheFuture'.

Sokka became the chief of the Southern Water Tribe and has a statue dedicated to him. They produce way more heat, like that of an explosion. Sokka has a pretty strattegic mind,not having bending abilities push him to learn how to defense himself or be useful in other ways. I was super excited to get this theory out here. If Sokka and Suki's relationship lasts for them to be married then I think Baatar Sr. could be their child because Baatar might have the looks of Sokka being his father like the dark skin and the same facial look which probably means that he could have the same genes as Sokka.

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