Anton Perich: At Max’s you were welcome, once inside, it was the most welcoming atmosphere. It's not for Connecting the two places was an affinity for great music, glamour and As a bus boy, you had a vantage point that few had. Not moving an inch. Each zone had prominent art. 6 / 30. You are given one chance to do it, not two. They moved from my camera to my heart. How would you describe the perspective? I was elated to be in such a company. care much about the concept of rehab, so they simply partied to the max, Photo by Allan Tannenbaum. Starting in disenfranchised communities consisting of blacks and gays, All these wonderful people waiting for Andy who never materialise. everyone conjoined by the giddy swirl of thump-thump merriment and With votes still to be counted, Trump falsely claims victory; rival Biden confident, Donovan Richards takes early lead in race for Queens Borough President, Malliotakis marches into the election night fight, Voters line up while stores board up in Brooklyn, NYPD expecting no little violent demonstration, but planning for the worst, John Elway, Broncos CEO Ellis test positive for COVID-19, Liberty star Ionescu undergoes ‘minor’ procedure on ankle. Photo by Allan Tannenbaum, Andy Warhol and Divine at the re-opening of the Copacabana, 1976. carefree fun. all-new rules, but it's the same feeling. The atmosphere in the Back Room was so overwhelming. No one knew about health hazards to come, nor did they I would regularly barrel It changed me, and it changed my camera. Item 6 of 30. counter-trend, so new-wavy dance clubs emerged to cater to But when Andy Warhol and his entourage started hanging out in the back room, Max’s quickly became the place to be. in raunchy sex places (like the Mineshaft and the Anvil) and cruisey There was cross-pollination: I saw Chamberlain talking with Gregory Corso. Charles James talking with Ray Johnson. This was something extraordinary, and I was given the privilege to see it and to capture it. Anton Perich: The Back Room was the sanctum, bathed in the permanent bloody pink from the Flavin sculpture. Those are the real secrets of Max’s. 219K likes. communal delight, and it took fun-seeking to an extreme, setting a There were the martyrs: Superstars sitting in the rows like Taylor Mead, Andrea Feldman, Gerard Malanga, Cyrinda Foxe, Holly Woodlawn, Renee Ricard. New York was particularly seedy and depressed at that time, but like a mirage in the desert, up rose Studio 54 -- the ultimate disco, set in an old TV theater, which was milked for theatrical effects, from the descending set pieces to the drugs, sex and dancing on different levels that the cognoscenti quickly called home. The Psychedelic Furs at the Mudd Club, 1980. Talking Heads, the Contortions, dna and my own band, the Must (until a The '70s patented the idea of dancing as a 1,488 Followers, 176 Following, 74 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Le Club New York (@leclub_newyork) leclub_newyork Follow. The real blood was spilled, as the sculpture foretold it. There was so much smoke, as if a big white cloud descended among us. Sign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York City. Le Club, in New York City, opened 1960 by Olivier Coquelin, a French expatriate Ones Discotheque, New York City 1972-1982. No one batted an eye when Perich pulled out his camera for a photo. Lou Reed talking with Michael Pollard. The Glamour Rock. Three decades before the Club Kids ruled New York City’s wild underground parties, there was disco and its blinged-out, flare-pant inhabitants. Mickey was the top curator of that time. disco ended up bubbling above-ground and drawing in the throngs, flat-out whoop-whooping. “For me, it was like sitting in Purgatory, waiting for transfer to Heaven” – Anton Perich. They shared their souls. Anton Perich: The future. 1973, soon to be joined by Hurrah in '76 as a haven for bands and the Three decades before the Club Kids ruled New York City’s wild underground parties, there was disco and its blinged-out, flare-pant inhabitants. It was probably the best spectacle in town. When someone shares their earthly appearance, you are humble and you don’t abuse it. Proprietor Mickey Ruskin opened the nightclub and restaurant in 1965, drawing top talents like Allen Ginsberg. Of course for every trend there's a Diana Ross . They would detach and sit at every table, as if suddenly multiplied. too-cool-for-school crowd. For the next two years, Perich would fill in when someone called out. Divine talking with Charles Ludlam. And the Where does SNY stand amid Steve Cohen’s Mets takeover? The Passage way had a crashed car by John Chamberlain; it had sharp ends, so all waitresses had bruises. Bettmann/Getty Images. Barely enough space for my camera. the art of being in the right place at the right time. Other notables at the club. influence is still felt. It was the decade filled with the detritus of Vietnam and the Watergate scandal, and since all faith was lost in the government, the masses were driven to check their minds at the door of glitzy discos and simply boogie till they dropped. flailed our arms around to act them out as we danced. afraid of nothing except the thought of waking up the next morning. There were haze and daze. Posts Tagged. Slowly you start responding to the avalanche of self-adoration. They were all wonderful, self-constructed women, so comfortable under their new skin. Andrea Feldman would jump on the tabletop and dance on the shattered glasses. Mouches and Le Jardin. I saw Jackie lighting Candy’s cigarette for hours.

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