9. For more details, please consult a local Vastu expert. However, the entrance of the flat is on north-west direction(tilted towards north ) ( 8, 9 pada). Dear Expert, My plot WNW facing if I keep Main Door in 5th and 6th pada. What are the pros and cons?? Hi, It’s time to put that myth to rest. Or use your email address, Sign up and stay updated on Ashiana’s activities and projects. Many opine that a house in the west provides wealth and prosperity to the inhabitants. However, remember that the padas 7,8,9 are not considered auspicious according to Vastu Shastra and avoid placing the main door of your west-facing home in these segments at all costs. A west-facing home can be as equally prosperous as other homes, provided you follow certain Vastu Shastra principles. I didnt understand the placement of hanuman idol at entrance which you mentioned. Well, guess what? Now, if your balcony is in the south west corner, then vastu remedies for south west corner is same as vastu remedy for west balcony. is it a right choice for to go ahead for rental in this flat? I think due to this. Place the kitchen in the southeast of the home. The direction of the house doesn’t matter according to Vaastu Shastra. For example, you can buy floral print or wavy prints chairs. Dimensions.  =  Having the sun beam into your apartment right after you get home from a long day gives you an extra dose of energy. As you can see, nowhere in Vastu Shastra it is mentioned that west-facing homes are inauspicious. Try constructing the master bedroom in the South-West,and the Kitchen in the South-East direction. Hi Arvind, you should consult a Vastu Expert so that he can suggest the exact placement of a deity and also provide other relevant information. Finally, even if you don’t believe in the principles of Vastu Shastra, west-facing homes are an excellent choice as you can enjoy the warm rays of the setting sun. Ashiana, This is good for the good health of the entire family. Nw I get to know is good for me . 13. Respected sir Therefore, the direction of terrace is quite important. Editor, Marcus Herbert. 5th or 6thon the West side from North West side. Other Reclaiming: Mortgage Fees, Council Tax etc, Pensions, Annuities & Retirement Planning, Report Holiday Deals, Bargains & Special Offers, Martin's Blogs & Appearances & MoneySavingExpert in the News. The connoisseurs can best help you with the problem. I chose one plot for my home main door is north west do is good not please give me answer and that plot idson corner fornt is smaal and back ids big so I thing is gauvmukhi or sharshmuchi let me know is good or not. Can you explain the exact position and placing. Of course, its all academic if you have buildings which will cast shadows. For a west facing apartment the Main door could be positioned in the North West corner of the flat. Hi Sir Ashiana Housing build homes. As per the principals of Vastu, the ideal directions that the main door must face are north, east or north-east. The balcony with good direction, ventilation and lighting, wide view and in best harmony with nature can make you feel comfortable and easy. Don’t keep heavy plants and don’t let it completely block the balcony. Avoid a plot that is higher in the North than in the South. For more NYC rental tips, please go to frele.com/learn. FENG SHUI HEIGHT FOR COOKING STOVE & ALTAR. Now, washing machine will leave water after washing, make sure that the draining traps in not in the southwest zone. It’s highly recommended that you avoid purchasing a west-facing home that has extensions in the southwest. 1. Keep furniture in the south or west corners of the balcony if your balcony is facing southwest. Follow us on social media for free latest updates! Therefore, the balcony Feng Shui is very important to you and your family and its direction, furnishings and layout affect your family's health and fortune. Tips and Remedies, Jharokha Brick Patterns: Modern Designs, Wall Images and Its Vastu, How to make Vastu Compliant Kitchen | Vastu for Kitchen. Homes cocooned in secured gated complexes. I have 2 queries as below. My plot is facing west (not exactly) House is also facing west. No votes so far! Choose furniture which are square in shape and colours which are yellow, cream, beige, and rust. As mentioned above, it’s the entrance of the house that matters more. In NYC, unfortunately renters wind up with close to a brick wall view quite a lot. The first and second choices for homes are north and east-facing doors with West being the third-choice. When you face south in an apartment in NYC you generally get direct sun for most of the day. However, south, southwest, or even west direction are said to be wrong because it brings in negative energy. (Tip #31), What Does a “No Fee” Rental Mean in the NYC Rental Market? Since they are the matter experts they can offer the best solutions. This info does not constitute financial advice, always do your own research on top to ensure it's right for your specific circumstances and remember we focus on rates not service. If you fail to clean away the animal excrements and bad smell timely, your family fortune will be affected directly. The plots main entrance is in 4th pada but the main entrance of the house is in 6th & 7th padas. familiarise yourself with the latest version. It is believed that people who live in west-facing homes are likely to be prosperous and have plenty of friends. Fixing Hanumanji tiles outside the door helps improve the Vastu of a house that has the door in the South-West. Please give solution for this. How useful was this post? For whatever reason many of the apartments I have lived in had northern exposure and I really loved it. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Please help me to answers bedroom Feng Shui, Question about Feng Shui Item and Symbols. I think south-west facing garden is the ideal garden but if you can't have that then west or south are both good. 28. As per Vastu for West oriented houses, the main door of the home can be located in any of the two Padas i.e. South west car park area. Most people construct balconies as per their choice and end up building balconies in the west side. As mentioned above, avoid positioning the entrance/main door in the 7. For assistance on any matter related to property vastu, please consult a vastu expert. Here, in this post, we take a look at the advantages of choosing a west-facing unit and the Vastu guidelines to follow for west-facing homes. In a house, the balcony is as important as eyes to you. You have entered an incorrect email address! Sir I am buying flat in North facing is it ok. Religare Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd, * India's No.1 Property Portal. Feng Shui to Attract Wealth and Improve Financial Luck. Cotradict to yr verion location of the main door along with car parking some are advising to locate main door in 2nd &3rd padas only duppoting to this many of the west facing house plans discussed by experts.kindly clarify. Direct sun can be so bright that people often have to use shades on their windows throughout the day. If you think a west-facing home is necessarily a Vastu defiant property, you are mistaken. With a west facing garden, you will get the sun at the front of the house all morning and then you will have the sun in the garden all afternoon until it sets. West-facing homes are ideal for people who are in the following professions – politicians, teachers, religious leaders, and businesspeople. I want to purchase a flat which is situated completely west direction on the top floor I mean in 4th floor.will it will be a good choice for us.. We r newly married couple. Suggest you to consult the Vastu Expert to know more about it. While this may not give as good Vastu vibes as placing the door in the padas 3,4,5 or 6, it won’t give you negative vibes as well. Must Read – 6 Summer Time Balcony Tips For Your Perfect Home. Lots of glass facing west will most likely cost you a motza in cooling, unless its double or triple glazed. Never locate a bore-well or water sump in the south-west of the house. But to each his own! Here, Vastu plays an important role. Thanks, I choose to build my house west facing because west side is main road how to suitable for me. For other Vastu related details, please consult a Vastu expert. im confused where to keep external stair case ( i have space only in north side).. Also, if a bathroom can be built in the hall (for general purpose). Divide it into nine equal parts. Do not choose balcony facing the west as the sunset sunlight will make you uncomfortable. 2. I'd try to limit any west and south facing windows. Scientific studies conducted in this area have proven that positive surroundings and good vibes contribute the maximum to the success of individuals. Make use of the above guidelines to select the best property. Never have a kitchen in the south-west of the house. Stay updated with the industry insights for: Meritnation.com - Online Educational Assessment. What are the possible things i have to keep in mind while a construct 4 floor house here with Stilt parking. Is West facing balcony good? but kitchen in north-east side. Hai, show me main doors and toilets positions locate in double bed room house in first floor and second floor. One west facing plot please advise it is good for to bay. Breath 36 feet (west n east) and Length 52 feet (north n south), Let’s have a look at some of the Tips given in Vastu Shastra for West Facing Plots: 1. As a fact, west-facing homes can be as auspicious as North or East-oriented ones, if and only if it follows specific Vastu rules. I am planning to buy a plot which is west facing. road is on west side. Homes surrounded by vast green spaces and fresh breeze. West-facing houses (even more so apartments) get the booby prize for aspect. 5th or 6th on the West side from the north-west side. As they are the connoisseurs in the field, they can help you better. Karam. Please advise the way forward for me. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. If you keep your balcony completely trapped, then it will not let positive energy to travel from the balcony to your house. Avoid these Designs for West-Facing Homes according to Vastu Shastra, Vastu Design Rules to Follow for West-Facing Homes according to Vastu Shastra. Ans: Yes, we can have balcony, its not at all a problem. Manjunath, Hi, From the center part of the western wall and up to the extreme end of North West corner is also suitable for the main door. As per Vastu for West oriented houses, the main door of the home can be located in any of the two Padas i.e. 29. These are the Vastu rules for the main door of West-facing homes. West facing house innerside of the portion in between bedroom and hall lift kept in southwest in west direction. Sir,can we have main entrance on eastern side and main gate on western side. To find out more about a project/development and company’s legal offering, please call our sales executive during office hours. Fire Your NYC Rental Agent If They Don’t Do This (Tip #40), Can I Sign a Two Year Lease in NYC?

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