Website:  Hassle free. Website:  The 6 VPN providers I’ve included in this roundup are proven to work well from inside of Iranian borders. No matter if you are looking for security on public WiFi Hotspot , you can get it all with Iran Fast VPN. The best unlimited Free VPN proxy client for android. UFO VPN gives you a free Iran VPN. Try the best free Iran VPN with 30-day money back guarantee. On the “bright” side, it should be noted that convictions led to shorter prison sentences than those received in previous years. Blocked sites include international news sites, as well as those of human rights groups, ethnic and religious minorities, and more. The provider delivers speedy, well-encrypted connections, with kill switch and auto-reconnect protections. ⭐What Is the Best Telegram Proxy for Iran? During 2012, Iran’s government was blocking an average of 27% of internet sites at any given time. The provider allows you to use custom DNS servers to help protect against DNS leaks. While we strongly recommend using a VPN to protect your connection no matter where you are located, be careful when using a VPN in strongly restrictive countries like Iran. A VPN – like my #1 choice, ExpressVPN – is the best way to avoid Iranian internet censorship, protect your online travels from surveillance, and open up access to a world of content that might normally be out of reach. 30-day money-back guarantee. The provider’s unlimited simultaneous connections allowance makes it a good choice for big families or small businesses, and its proprietary servers keep third parties away from your personal data. That’s especially valuable when you’re using unprotected public Wi-Fi hotspots. IPVanish delivers support for most popular devices, including Android, Linux,  iOS, Windows, macOS and the Amazon Fire tablet and Fire TV (available through Amazon) devices. You can also maximize your anonymity by avoiding public Wi-Fi hotspots, using an encrypted email provider and downloading a secure browser, like Tor. Subscribe to the VPN provider that offers the best protection. While using non-government-approved technology like a VPN can reportedly lead to a sentence of 91 days to 1 year behind bars, actual arrests are quite rare. Oh, before I forget, you should also keep in mind that some free VPNs are also known to inject ads and tracking cookies into their users’ browsing sessions. Many “free” VPNs track their users’ online activities, log them and then sell them to advertisers and other third parties. Try UFO VPN for windows with 30-day money-back guarantee and secure your online privacy. You don't want to use a proxy to access Telegram in Iran. Reactive Measures: These measures are used to control and censor users after they have already accessed banned content. If a VPN provider is willing to sell your personal information to advertisers, they likely won’t resist the Iranian government if it comes a-knocking at their door. For more information, check out my “Are VPNs Legal in Iran?” section toward the end of the article. Website:  While this provider may be located in the less-than-privacy-friendly United States, it follows a strict no-logs policy, so there’s no evidence of your online travels. IPVanish does not collect or log any traffic or use of its VPN service. They consist of traffic analysis and surveillance, the arrest of internet activists and developers, blocking of SSL (which forces users to connect insecurely to a website or service, allowing easier monitoring and enabling man-in-the-middle attacks) and connection throttling. According to researchers Kyle Bowen and James Merchant, Iran takes a three-pronged, measured approach (PDF) to censoring the internet. A cryptocurrency subscription payment option will allow you to keep your payment information completely incognito. I tested all of my favorite VPN providers, and I found that these 6 VPNs will offer the best protection in Iran. The provider offers native apps for the macOS, iOS, Windows, Linux, Amazon Fire, Chrome OS, Android and Android TV devices. Interceptive Measures: These techniques are used to silently track and attempt to thwart users who have somehow gotten around the government’s preventative measures. Are you looking for the best VPN to use in Iran? Save 81% on an annual plan + 12 months extra FREE, ExpressVPN is the best VPN for protecting, IPVanish’s optimal connection protections, VyprVPN’s self-owned and -operated server farms. Ad and tracker blocking, as well as phishing and malware protection, all add up to a comprehensive protection offering. Fast, well-protected connections for an unlimited number of simultaneous devices are the rule here. While the provider offers unlimited concurrent connections, the provider’s excellent router compatibility can protect all of your devices via a single connection, including any devices not found on the app list. Last, but certainly not least, the encryption that protects your online activities from Iranian eyes also protects your daily activities – such as paying bills, banking and online shopping – from the bad guys. It’s mostly used as a tool to prosecute those who oppose the government, not folks looking to catch up with friends on Facebook. Always use a VPN, like my #1 pick, ExpressVPN, to get safe access to Iranian content and services. Surfshark has Iranian internet users covered thanks to an excellent set of offerings designed to both protect and enhance your online activities. No browser extensions are available from the provider. Is a Free VPN a Good Option for Use in Iran? “So excited to be a pro member I love being apart of the family and this vpn is the only l’ll ever use very high quality technology.”, “The VPN is very good to use at school. Private Internet Access (PIA), blocking an average of 27% of internet sites, Iran takes a three-pronged, measured approach (PDF). The service also provides IPv6 leak protection to ensure that no IP address information leaks outside your encrypted connection tunnel, as well as DNS leak protection, with an option to force your computer to use the VPN provider’s DNS servers when connected to their network. TIP-TOP SECURITY:VyprVPN’s self-owned and -operated server farms add an additional layer of security for your data. With Iran VPN you can unblock sites, WiFi hotspots, firewalls etc.. Iran VPN is secure and leak proof to protect your privacy. The internet is slow enough in Iran, there’s no reason to limit its abilities even more. IPVanish earned a spot this time around thanks to its no-logging policy, self-owned and -operated servers, kill switch protection, obfuscation ability and strong connection encryption. Users who need to keep their internet activities safe from the prying eyes of the Iranian government can take advantage of the protection that a VPN offers by following these steps: Important Note: It’s uncertain whether or not it’s legal to use a VPN in Iran, or what the possible legal repercussions could be.

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