Instrumentation: For voice and piano. AND RIDE WITH MR DREAMMAN, TILL DAYLIGHT COMES AGAIN All you children run up the stairs Put on your nightys and say yr prayers My grandfather's mother sang this to him and I am quite sure it was originally from the late 19th century. PUT ON YOUR NIGHTIES AND SAY YOUR PRAYERS I can’t believe I’ve just found this! I was born in 1957 and she used to sing it to me when I was a very little girl. I have to fit this in with work and feeding horses, cats dogs and chickens but I’ll respond as quickly as I can. Sandlot1992. WITH MR DREAM MANS TRAIN. With moonbeam windows and with wheels of stars I was not aware of all the verses. (It was asking that question that led me to this site.) She thought she had sung the song to me, but I didn’t remember it, though I remembered many other songs that she heard as a child and sang to me and my siblings. on the dream man’s train. And as I passed this certain store, the man in the moon is the engineer. As he scatters the sands, in his little brown hands. Many have commentary sent to us by our correspondents who write about the history of the songs and what they meant in their lives. Hush, here comes the dream man; I was so thrilled to find this site. And see all the wonders of wonderland So happy to have found this page on internet.... Now I sing to my granddaughter.. maybe she will carry on with her granddaughter... love it. So, all aboard you little ones! moonbeams for windows and stars for light Either they learned it in Music in their school, or my parents learned it in Singing School which they both attended in Seattle before WW 1. Will bring back your Mummy and her goodnight kiss. and this is what he said, I’ve been on the shelf for a very long time and I’m marked 1 and 9 as you see Put on your nighties and say your prayers I have just sung it to my 4 month old grandson for the very first time. I have copies of the music, anyone wanting one please find me on Facebook. With moonbeam windows and with wheels of stars Series Title: OPL sheet music special collection. These are the lyrics I sing…. Just one short journey to the land of bliss Sign up. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It was used by Doctor Bumby to comfort children during the process of forgetting their memories. The Man in the Moon is the engineer. My Nanny used to sing this to me when I was little. MOON. And ‘all aboard’ you little ones. i now live in mexico,sisters in canada and india and brother in the USA! sister moon is watching you out of the beautiful night. My family had a version of this lullaby too...came from my British born grandmother circa 1875. On the dream mans train. That may be of some help to some people. Hush here comes the dream man, of fairyland I am a Tin Soldier Library. Thanks everyone for the wonderfully rich discussion. So kiss your mummy and kiss your pa Blew off the petals Frilly and all, I will never forget her voice. here comes the dream man [music] / written and composed by R.P. Melbourne : A.M. Dinsdale, [1913?] at being marked 2 and 3 So exciting to find this site! And Ride with Mr Dream man till daylight comes again Well my mother used to sing it to me but I don’t remember all the lyrics but it was a gorgeous song and I loved it… what I remember continuing on from Michael’s above is:-, …now that little tin soldier he sobbed and sighed Noah’s ark elephant has packed his trunk,And rip van winkle in his sleeping bunk,with sin bad sailing a Chinese junk,so all aboard you little ones! My Nan used to sing this to me in the late 60’s/early 70s, and I have sung it to my son and daughter – it’s become a family tradition. Hush! I came across the original Edith Serpell recording online. The ‘Dream Man’ certainly gets around! they’re worked inside by wire, sometime when the folks were gone she used to olgle me Fran Woods from Perth, Australia, was asking where we all came from. put on your nighties, I spend a lot of time looking for late 19th & early 20th Century song lyrics. Here Comes a Whizbang" (alternatively spelled "whizz-bang"). My mother also sang this to me and my brother in the 50’s. I’ve just finished singing this to my daughter, my granda sang it to my mum and she sang it to me. I was thinking about this song tonight and tried to find it on youtube to no avail. All aboard you little ones with a little cocked hat, I had never heard anyone else sing it and a friend suggested I google a few words and behold, a page of people saying exactly the same thing! If anyone knows where you can get a recording of this song, please let us know. I always loved the idea of the Lady Moon watching over me. Michael from NYC, USA Says: on April 25th, 2008 at 12:36 am a little tin voice said to me…. The Dream Man’s coming on a train of cars, I’ll see what I can do Put on your nightie and say your prayers, And you’ll see all the wonders of wonderland My Grandmother was born in Motherwell Lanarkshire in 1894 so where did it originate? Moonbeams for windows and the stars for lights, Can anyone shed any light? -Mama Lisa. Mr Elephant has packed his trunk So come, you little ones, and have no fear. With Moonbeam windows and with wheels of stars. and say your prayers. First line of chorus: The dream man's coming on a train of cars. (the chorus is missing) My grand mother passed away the early hours of this morning 15/07/2010 I couldnt sleep so googled the lullabys she use to sing to me when I was a child so hearing the stories of how so many other people hold this lullaby in there beloved childish memories is wonderful and how so many of our elders changed modified or added to the song warms me . What a great website. Hush, hush, hush, here comes the Bogeyman, Don't let him come too close to You, he'll catch you if he can. Hush little (…name)have no fear Our grandfather used to sing it to us in the 50’s when we were children, and obviously to his children when they were children. The second verse begins with a nice dose of reality that the kids might not get, but I kind of like it. I thought i would check to see if it was online. So hush my little ones have no fear. THE MAN IN THE MOON IS THE ENGINEER x, Hi Jen – If you’d like to sing the song for us, we can post the recording and see if other people use the same tune. And you’ll see all the wonders of wonderland Thanks so much. The man in the moon is the engineer Here are the lyrics she sang; THE DREAM MANS COMING ON A TRAIN OF CARS here comes the Dream Man Hush! There’s room for you upon the dream man’s train! My mom was born in 1908. I’m fairly certain this is the chorus and there are verses but as with The Sandman my father did not remember the verse. I sang the song to my children and now sing it to my grand daughter. How wonderful to come across this debate and to know that some of you have accessed my website and found the song by Edith Serpell. I am from Sussex originally and now live in Florida in the USA. They don’t write them like that any more! A place for poems, songs, rhymes, and traditions from around the world for both kids. At the Mudcat Café web site, several other people have inquired about the song they call GOODNIGHT MR. The aetiology is interesting and I’d love to know too, where everybody is who has written in.The more modern versions are interesting too. Just today my mother who is 78 years old has asked me to find out who wrote “The Dream Man” as her mother used to sing it to her, and she carried on with the same tradition with my three children, the oldest who is now 30. In the Sandman’s Train. I now sing it to my granddaughter. Mum and I put together as many of the words as we could remember so we both now sing it to my 18 month old daughter. but I’m only marked at 1 and 9 so she turns up her nose at me, cheer up my little tin sole said I It is possible that this song was chosen as the Orphans' lullaby due to the fact that the original lyrics specifically mention Wonderland. the Mockingbird is peeping to see if you are sleeping. It sounds like she was a lovely lady who left behind fond memories for the people who love her. Hush here comes the dream man Anyone have the sheet music they could facebook or email me? Till daylight comes again I’ve been looking for the lyrics of the Dream man for ages, my mum sang it to us and my kids…. I have had suggestions that “my Sandman” is the Dream God and Ole Lukoie from old Danish or Norwegian folklore but the words are not the same as mine. Hush, here comes the dream man here comes the Dream Man Jilly, I’m linking to it in the mp3 above. It's easy to do. The album has a copyright on it from B Feldman & Co. London. so I patted his little tin head All you children run up the stairs, And then to hear the recording was such a thrill. On the Dream Man's train, 蛇叔DJ Snake&Mr.Hudson《Here Comes The Night》Live, 【流行摇滚】Here Comes Your Man-Pixies(来自'live at Field Day 2014, on FestivoTV')原创英字歌词, 后核Her Bright Skies Live Full Set 2013 Bryan Stars Tour, The Speakeasy 演唱会, 【经典影片段13】【1080P】时空恋旅人-《How Long Will I Love You》, 【Pixies】2004年乐队重组巡演 Reunion Tour 2004 (full show compilation). For the man in the moon is the engineer And so everyone else knows – Rachelle found me. with moonbeam windows and with wheels of stars. It has been fascinating reading all these messages to discover what a well-loved song/lullaby this is. On the dream man’s train. My mother who was born in 1923 used to sing me a song that went like this Hey mister take me on the train…I want to see my Ma. Such a beautiful song. My father who was born in 1907 had this sung to him and sang it in turn to me, my son and daughter. Was really pleased to find this.. Put on your nighties and say your prayers. by the way… yes my dad did also post a comment on this website. The man in the moon he is the engineer til’ daylight comes again HUSH… HERE COMES THE DREAM MAN That moves off out into the starry night The other song was Winken Blinken and Nod. Hush! So kiss yr mammies and kiss your pa’s, and all a-board you little ones ! What a wondeful site – I’m so glad I found it. I too was after some lyrics as my adorable Nan gets it “spot on” – or what I presume is spot on sometimes & other times is not quite sure – although her version which is generations old is missing some of the standard lyrics from what I can gather about nighties & prayers (I’ll print this & check with her) she has a pretty good version! And see all the wonders of Wonderland, Put on your nighties and say your prayers. That runs right up into the starry night Until daylight comes again Hush you children,climb up those stairs I am thrilled to find all this information about The Sandman. But I know my grandfather would have been horrified to think he might have been crooning any such thing. till daylight comes again, with mr dream man til daylight comes again. I originate from Lancashire. Moonbeam windows with the stars across, Description: 1 score. I am a Tin Soldier Most people I know have never heard of this lullaby. (Chorus) 20250263 The man in the moon is the engineer. and I ride on a tin GG. I’d be happy to post a recording, if either of you would like to sing it, so we can hear the tune! And Ride with Mr Dream man till daylight comes again I'm so happy to find this page. but I felt so sorry for that little tin sole as he rode on his tin GG. Ride with mister dream man,

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