You should summon a demon that corresponds to your goal(s). if you’re feeling the energy you may wish to sit there and enjoy the energy for awhile. For Zepar to intervene in your love efforts, you’ll need to perform a proper summoning ritual. Demon Belial is described in the Goetia and this bis his seal. Zepar's most important infernal duties are related to love, lust, and sodomy. They are in fact very dangerous. Please ask me to give you the payment link. : From “The Goetia: The Lesser Key of Solomon the King” (1904) Written by S.L. On top of helping with human lovers, Zepar can conjure a succubus in your dreams. If you want to become a sex-magnet, Zepar is my favorite.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'occultist_net-medrectangle-4','ezslot_0',108,'0','0'])); It’s important to summon the correct demon, because each demon has a particular type of energy. – Quora, Alex Sumner’s answer to Who are the secret chiefs of the Masons? These courses are based on various topics, from egyptian black magick to norse magick and summoning rituals, with abundance of knowledge to enhance your magical powers and practice. You will find many grimoires, like The Lesser Key of Solomon, describe its 72 demons’ appearance. Burning a sum of money on the candles can work. I look forward to Subjective Synthesis I did some initial academic research on Zepar, to be specific, his attributes as listed in various grimoires as well as evocation experiences of other … Mike Crowson – Rosicrucian, Hermeticist, Follower of Less Travelled Paths. Demon – Paimon (Why Paimon? You will notice that while there are some minor differences between each ritual, they follow the same pattern and I use basic trance-induction techniques in all of them because they work for me. Otherwise I would fall back to use sandalwood. I’ve summoned many demons in the past and tried many ritualistic methods from ancient and modern grimoires. Thankfully the techniques for manifesting abundance are very simple and work fast. For example, summoning Zepar (for finding sexual partners), Mammon (for making more money), Buer (for healing) and Lucifer (for spiritual enlightenment) would create a ton of confusion. This is why magicians use so many devices like candles, sigils, swords, wands, mage robes etc. He often appears as a men in red cloth and equipped as a soldier.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'occultist_net-box-3','ezslot_2',106,'0','0'])); Now we get to the good part. If they appear in some visible form it’s an illusion. Demon Sallos can help you to attract a new lover or bewitch an old lover. Zépar, grand-duc de l’empire infernal, qui pourrait bien être le même que Vépar ou Sépar. The same magically-induced barrenness can happen with your one-night flings as well. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Zepar commands 26 infernal legions of the damned, a troop of vicious demons who assist him in his nefarious endeavors. He is likewise considered a familiar of the demoness Lilith. Demon of Mars, Barzabel, the most dangerous demon! Check out Occultist Shop for cool merchandise -, 3 Prayers to Ogun For Work, Protection & Spiritual Growth. Overall, I’m confident this article will help you and I wish you good luck with your summoning rituals. ( Log Out /  It could also be that you become more energized and focused on making money which will lead to the same result. Zepar can also be a powerful ally for those interested in PUA (pick-up artistry). Mammon is also known as the Ambassador to England, another wealthy country. This is the seal of Grand Duke Aziel from Faust’s Black Raven. Original Text :Zepar Dux magnus, apparens uti miles, inflammansque virorum amore mulieres, and quando ipsi jussum fuerit, earum formam in aliam transmutat, donec dilectis suis fruantur. Eventually the two of you get married, only to find out that she can’t have any children. I’ve had great success in my dating life and my financial situation vastly improved since I started implementing the methods from this source. Zepar will urge you to go out and chase potential partners, but you will be too anxious or unwilling because you want to work on your business instead. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Practicing occultist and writer with a particular interest in summoning magic. This question ties into the previous answer. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. You WILL forget the detail later on! I also did dedication ritual. Zepar’s enn is “Lyan Ramec catya Zepar”, pronounced as “Lie-an rah-mek kat-yah Zeh-par”. Once you’re ready too close the ritual,  do so according to your tradition,  ( eg a licensed to depart right), or just simply say “ and so it is”  or something to that effect.). These conflicting energies will cause frustration in an ordinary magician every time. The Encyclopedia Of Demons And Demonology. Readers will also find plenty of valuable book reviews and courses which may prove to be helpful for obtaining greater knowledge. To improve the chances of response, always perform these rituals in a quiet and desolate place. Check out Occultist Shop for cool merchandise -, 3 Prayers to Ogun For Work, Protection & Spiritual Growth. So you’re interested in summoning a demon? If you asked for financial help from Mammon, it doesn’t matter if Mammon didn’t appear to you during the ritual. So make sure that you’re ready to take the chance when asking Zepar for assistance. Demon Zepar: Goetia Zepar … For a magician skilled in visualization, the demon can appear as a real physical entity made of real flesh.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'occultist_net-box-4','ezslot_5',109,'0','0'])); Those with lesser visualization powers will notice changes of energy in the air, such as sudden coldness, heat, wind. So always know why you are attempting to summon a demon before the ritual. Zepar always appears in red knight’s armor. Having so spoken this invocation, the presence of Zepar shall be made manifest. Zepar is said to be one aspect of Crone as well, making women barren. ALWAYS – take notes of your experience directly after the ritual. The Sixteenth Spirit is Zepar. I tried many times to summon Zepar but failed every time ! If you’ve entered a trance state, something will happen. Zepar is a duke who appears wearing red clothing and armed as a soldier. There are many methods for getting into the theta state without falling asleep. Did a positive change that is out-of-the-ordinary occur in your financial life during this period or not? This book explains the dark side of Qabalah, which is filled with demonic magic. To summon Zepar you must respect his ritual and say aloud his enn, "Lyan Rahmec catya zepar" it will take a while but you will feel his energy when he's in the room. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. And I hhaveonly talked to this girl maybe twice and not more then small talk. Otherwise,  reinstate what you wish the Demon to do for you. We also participate in affiliate program.,, The Book of Black Magic & Pacts – A. Waite (1910). This article will help you invoke Elegua, a powerful ancient spirit that can procure many favors. Go Virtual Lucifera – Black Magick & necromancy (Youtube), The Planetary talisman of the Moon: good & bad dates for rituals 2020 – 2021, Necromantic rituals with WW2 dead military staff: how to deal with a mild form of PTSD syndrome, Demon of Sun, Sorath: good and bad dates for rituals 2020-2021, The planetary talisman of Venus and ghost witchcraft: an advanced beauty spell, Demon Eligos: he teaches how to wisely interact with dangerous dead military staff of WW2. Zepar is a Duke and he brings a man and a woman together in love. The Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition. Step by Step Instructions on How to Summon Zepar to make someone LOVE YOU ! Both of these demons belong to the earth-element, so they are in good correspondence. DRAW a circle upon the ground and having so done, call upon these names, Orimoth, Belimoth, Lymocke, and whence called, say thus: It is for you, the new student to Demonolatry, or the seasoned student who would benefit from including ritual into existing practices. If you summon Zepar, but actually want to make more money, there will be a conflict in energy. A lot more about servitors (for controlling the summoned spirits of the dead), Daemonic Sigils – This File Courtesy of S. Connolly and DB Publishing, Franz Bardon / The Practice of Magical Evocation (online PDF), Goetia Theurgia (Amenadiel, Usiel on page 6, 27, 28), Goetia, Goetia Theurgia, The Art Pauline, Solomons Almadel Art & Ars Notoria as online PDF book (Joseph Peterson), Grimoire Compendium Rarissimum anno 1057 (Necromancy & Infernal rites with demons), Grimoire Encyclopedia (information about Olympic spirits), Grimoire Encyclopedia (solomonic magick & more), Grimoirium Verum/ Esoteric Archives (Joseph H. Peterson), Information about herbs and their substitutions for spells (Witches of the Craft), Magick squares & sigils by The Babylonmatrix, Necromancy: The Gospel of the Ghouls (Araignee Arcane Services), Omega Magick Blog (Ceremonial Witchcraft), Online Esoteric Library (ancient grimoires in PDF format), S. Connolly – Khemetic sigils PDF (sigil of Bast, etc), Satanic Witchcraft in the New Aeon ( a super good Satanic LBRP and more), Seals of Evil sprits (seal of Clauneck from Grimorium Verum), Secrets of the Golden Dawn Cypher Manuscipt, Sigil creation with planetary magic squares, The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene (The psychology of behaviour and mind games of a skilled seducer), The book of Black magick and pacts (PDF format: 336 pages), The book of sacred magic of Abrameline the mage, The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology, The Grand Grimoire in PDF format (Alibek), The Grimoire of Honorius (Lucifer, Frimost, Astaroth, Silcharde, Bechard, Guland, Surgat), The Living Servitor (The Frankenstein syndrom) for contolling the summoned dead, The Magic of Armadel (good seal of of Tzadkiel), The Magus Book 2 by Francis Barrett (Conjuration of Sachiel and Maguth on Thursdays/ page 114), The Magus by Francis Barrett (Planetary seal talismans with Seal of Planet, Intelligence Seal & Planetary Spirit Seal on pages 122, 123, 124), The Necromantic Seals of Solomon/ Leipzig University Library, The Secrets of Solomon/The Art Rabidmadar (seals from Grimoirium Verum), The Spruce (A super good webbsite about Feng Shui), The Testament of Solomon (demons and spirits), Tuba Veneris by John Dee (The Trumpet of Venus anno 1580), Boneroom (supplier of human bones/Necromancy), Astrological planets for Spirit evocations, Lunar mansions for the creation of Astrological Talismans, Timetable of Algol eclipses and bright periods (Medusa), Baneful herbs in the practice of Witchcraft, Canadian Poisonous Plants Information System (more about poisons in parts of common plants), Hallucinogenic plants by Richard Evans Shultes, Liber Azerate: The Book of Wrathful Chaos (Satanic Witchcraft in Swedish), Ancient Artifacts Workshop (metal seals of Demons and Angels), Goetia PDF book (good sigils of the 72 infernal demons), The seals of Archangels Of the Sephiroth (from Sandalphon to Metatron), US Election 2020: Result goes to wire as Trump falsely claims fraud, US Election 2020: Republicans and Democrats battle for Congress. getting your blog.

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