Connect power and optical cables to AMI, slide into vacant spot where CD changer used to be. Or do I need a ‘MOST’ unit? What is the button next to the esp in your top pic for? It will not become better but it can stop working . Get a pair of tools for CD removal – they are $1-2. Can you explain this a little bit better for me? I couldn’t understand what you suggested about the component protection, but I’ve bought the car brand new. or something else? We can supply and install everything for you for ?475 if you come to us”, Are they telling me the truth? hi ive got 2004 a6 c6 its 54 reg so newer shape big grill will 8T0 035 785 ami work on my unit got colour screen sat nav etc cd changer in glove don’t want that I want usb or work from usb to mini usb on my htc m8 if not can you tell me unit I need and if I need to code or update or just install/plug in place using changers wires many thanks. I know Ive to update SW from 27.4.0 to have AMI work. did you ever find out what the problem was? What cables are you using with the AMI? I only see you referencing the 4E0 057 785 B, Hi i have a A6 57 late I have the AMI with usb cable just tried to get nav fitted in boot but cant source the 8 pin power supply so removed the cd changer & installed nav in glovebox. Please, take a photo and link it here so I can see what’s wrong. i have a audi a6 2005 model with mmi basic plus 2g…will it be compatible with the ami cable?…if yes then i should remove the cd player from the back? I am attaching the connections that I did, any help will be highly appreciated. Did I buy a wrong module? Is the AMI for the A6 C6 with MMI 3G compatible with the MMI 2G, basically looking to take one out of a 2010 A6 and place it in a 2006 A6. Thanks, The mmi needed updating incase anyone ends up with the same problem. Darryl 18 Dec 2014 Reply. Audi Music Interface (AMI) Retrofit for A6 4F, Glove box with space for two units (optional), Audi A6 4F Cabin (Polen) Filter Replacement, Audi A6 4G C7 Facelift Gearshift Knob Installation, Audi A6 4G C7 Illuminated LED Sills Installation,,, Audi A8 OEM Audi Music Interface AMI Most Bus - AudiWorld Forums, Audi Music Interface Iphone 5 | Inartistical, Audi A6 4G Start / Stop Button Replacement. Remove the old one put the new one and go to an Audi dealer to remove the component protection if you’ve bought it second hand. Will 4E0 035 785 B (or F) work with my vehicle? My Audi dealer insists it couldn’t be done. Thanks! It is doable but not straight forward process. It just says “this item my not be connected properly or may not be working correctly. Usual sequence: Cd1 upgrade Cd2 uprgade Cd2 uprgade again cd3 uprade Cd1 upgrade again. Hi, great site. Could this be the cause why there’s no playback info displayed? Hello i just bought the ami part no 8T0035785A will this not fit in my audi a6 c6 2007 with mmi high and bose sound system?

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