I'm Dr. Reed. I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion. But many don’t acknowledge the various ways God answers prayer. If you are praying to be in a relationship but you are sleeping around with everyone man that you look at KNOWING God says to stay away from sexual sin then you are not doing your part. Let me close If you do not do your part then the answer to your prayer will be a no. God answered no when a baby died in my family (click here to read the blog on that). But we do not always receive what we ask for. Other times he will speak to you directly. Have you ever prayed for God to use you in a specific way? Pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. This site is a proud member of the Salem Web Network, a subsidiary of, Copyright © 2020, Crosswalk.com. This can go also for waiting or a relationship, promotion, or even a purpose. You may have fasted, prayed, and did the most when it comes to getting your prayers answered but still, the answer is a big fat no. The Lord replied, “My grace is sufficient for you” (2 Corinthians 12:9). We were still in debt and more importantly had not learned what it meant to live a life of Christ-Centered Financial Wellness. You can also read my blog here on how to talk to God. (Deuteronomy 1:2-3). What’s Keeping You From High Self Esteem? Through Paul, God has given us an example for an honest prayer that He longs to answer. and we receive from Him whatever we ask because we [carefully and consistently] keep His commandments and do the things that are pleasing in His sight [habitually seeking to follow His plan for us]. by reflecting on the verses I started out with in 1 John 5. As we all know, what goes in is what comes out. TRUST that. God is still deserving of our praise, whether or not He says yes to our requests. All rights reserved. Free Pizza Combo at Little Caesars for lunch, The Hidden Meaning of the 12 Days of Christmas (Free Printable), Armor of God analogy using an orange and a cup of water, Red Oak vs White Oak Leaves How to Tell Them Apart, Free Bible Verses via SMS Sent directly to your Phone, Unique ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve during the pandemic, How to plan virtual office parties this holiday season, How local businesses can boost their online presence, Answering common questions about hand washing, How germs spread and what hand washing can do to prevent it, Get the facts about dining out and COVID-19. The Lord died to save us from our sins. To some of us, he is an inner voice, to others he speaks through visions and dreams. What a powerful ending: Not: “Did God answer your prayer? God is always going to say no to prayers that come from a place of your own selfish desires and it does not really glorify Him or His kingdom is anyway. The main reason why God says no is because what you are praying for is not within his will. As Gods thoughts are higher than our thoughts and His ways higher than our ways, sometimes our prayers are answered in a manner we don’t expect but always greater than anticipated. For instance, Paul and Silas endeavored to enter two cities to preach, and in each of those attempts the Holy Spirit restrained them. Works Of The Flesh. Proverbs 3:5-6 tells us to "trust in the LORD with all [our] heart and lean not on [our] own understanding; in all [our] ways submit to him, and he will make [our] paths straight.". Thanks for sharing. Even though He did not want to die, Jesus said that God’s will shall be done over His own meaning that His prayer was answered, even though it is not what Jesus wanted.

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