On top of that, Microsoft also offers customers an excellent installment plan for the new consoles that comes with free access to Xbox Game Pass, cloud streaming on mobile devices, and a way to upgrade the hardware down the road. News, reviews, deals, apps and more. It’ll be up to GameStop to deem what full working condition is, but you can hope for the best. You lessen the price of the next-gen console and walk away with a brilliant piece of hardware that can play your old PS4 games and your new PS5 titles. On the other hand, if you own physical PS4 games and you’re planning to buy the PS5 Standard, it makes total sense to trade it in. ". The best upcoming PS5 games: Release dates, latest trailers, and more. But you’ll also be able to use the credit towards the Series S as well. The Xbox Series S costs $299, while the disc-less PS5 retails for $399. These 5 early Black Friday deals on Amazon are so good, we can’t believe they’re real, The governor of this state just threatened to shut everything down due to coronavirus surges, Doctors found a flu drug that might also be a coronavirus cure, A huge stimulus bill is coming – if Democrats take the White House and the Senate, Dr. Fauci just said something no one wanted to hear about the coronavirus, The best smart home device you’ve never heard of sold out on Prime Day – now it’s back for just $30, Save $850 on a stunning 4K home theater laser projector that will blow your mind, 5 crucial things on Amazon that keep you from catching COVID-19, I’ll never go back to Instant Pot after switching to CHEF iQ’s Smart Cooker, now $50 off at Amazon, These 5 early Black Friday deals on Amazon are so good, we can't believe they're real, all the games released for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X, PS5 Digital Edition will be much harder to find than the standard PS5, If you see this on your skin, call your doctor, because it could be severe COVID-19, The most popular painkiller on the planet has been poisoning people, If you have this popular mouthwash, throw it out, $125 – Nintendo Switch Lite, Xbox One S, PS4 (500GB model). Should I wait? But with the PS5’s backward compatibility with most PS4 games, you can play old titles on the PS5 to explore the enhanced, more immersive gaming experience. If you already own a version of the PS4, it’s time to start thinking about trading it in for a next-gen PS5. PS5 vs PS5 Digital Edition – Which console is better for you? The best ps4 pro s deals and bundles in june 2020 techradar get a 25 bonus credit on ps4 trade ins at gamestop best ps4 trade in deal for pro is available now playstation xbox one x is 300 off at gamestop if you trade in your ps4 pro… Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. XB1 Original 500GB, XB1 S 500GB: $150 XB1 S 1TB, XB1 S 2TB: $200 XB1 X: $350 Nintendo Switch: $250 PS4 500GB Original, PS4 Slim 500GB or 1TB: $200 PS4 Pro (maybe you want to get the Star Wars LE PRO as example, and no, we can’t order the Monster Hunter PS4 PRO … If you’re a console collector, you’ll inevitably want to hang on to your PlayStation 4. You might be better off selling it on craigslist. For PlayStation 4 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Will Gamestop take a PS4 that has a upgraded 1TB HDD in it?

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