Unfortunately, strong storms in 1971 caused extensive damage that eventually led to the pool’s closure. Huge pools are cool. (Herbert became president in 1922, serving until 1940.). He died on July 13, 1953 at age 86, in the same hospital where his great-granddaughter, Jodie Ehrlich, had been born two days earlier. The miniature train he donated, “Little Puffer,” once bore his name but was retired, then revived and renamed for later donors.


When I was a kid cuts and scabs always healed faster with a good swim in a healthy ocean. In “The Saga of Lake Tahoe” by E. B. Scott, there are numerous references to Herbert’s activities at the lake: By the summer of 1925 the Bliss interests, a name that had been synonymous with the development of Tahoe since 1873, were bowing out of the picture on the western side of the lake. This little plant was to make paper pulp for use in their San Francisco business. In the summer of 1905 Fredrick C. Kohl of San Francisco [he was a partner of Sloss and Gerstle in the Alaska Commercial Company] purchased the Crocker home at Tahoe…. . Cities were getting denser and denser, and do-gooders were thinking about ways to keep kids away from a life of crime by offering them the chance to develop healthful pastimes. She had a small studio in her house on Pacific Avenue in San Francisco and another at the family estates in Woodside; many descendants own portraits done by her.

. . He and his wife are descended from California pioneers, and most of their children and grandchildren continue to live in San Francisco. The punchline I always use has the civil engineer denying God could be a civvie because, etc.

The pool opened on April 23, 1925. Mortimer was part of an organization, “Hands Around the Harbor,” to boost business in both Oakland and San Francisco.

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Back in Oregon, in 1911 the Klamath Development Company was incorporated with $2 million of stock; there were five directors, two of whom were the Fleishhacker brothers. “The Drowning of Big Meadows: Nature’s Managers in Progressive-Era California,” Environmental History (Oxford University Press), 4:1 (Jan., 1999), 32–53.

A list of donors includes his sisters Carrie and Emma, his mother, Crown Willamette Paper, Greenebaum, and Rolph Navigation.

Today, the filled-in pool operates as a guest parking lot run by the San Francisco Zoological Society with oversight by San Francisco Recreation and Park Department. We asked the Facebook group San Francisco Remembered for their memories swimming in the pool. Wow, Sutro Baths and now this place... it's true that both locations seem horrible for a pool as they're both pretty cold all the time, but still.

© Copyright 2017-2020 San Francisco Historical Society. Studies showed that public usage was extremely low (22,140 in 1970), the annual operating costs were high ($56,000), and there was little revenue ($6,000) to offset these costs, according to the San Francisco Zoo. . Follow us on social media to add even more wonder to your day. The circumstances regarding Herbert’s problems and eventual bankruptcy are clouded by the fact that these events were never discussed by the families and were essentially hidden from their grandchildren. Meanwhile, the Fleishhacker Paper Box Company was still in business, with offices after the fire at 134 Fremont Street (currently the construction site of the new Transbay Terminal).

Information about Oregon mills (see below) implies that the story of the $300,000 windfall dates from around 1887 or 1889. The gigantic pool it served was built by Bay Area local philanthropist and city Parks Commissioner Herbert Fleishhacker to accommodate 10,000 swimmers. (By this time Herbert had become Mayor Rolph’s major supporter.).

Now and then, items he or his family once owned show up for auction at eBay or on other websites. Now that both brothers had become wealthy in their own right, it was time to start families.

Temperatures do spike in August in the Northeast as the Gulf Stream veers inshore for a few weeks.

It is expected to grind 1,200 tons daily by October of that year.”. Herbert was part of a syndicate (including William Wrigley, John D. Spreckels, and Edward Swift of Swift & Co.) that purchased 23,000 acres in San Diego for $4 million in 1919. “The Hovey Boushey Company report the sales of the following cars for the week: Herbert Fleishhacker, Henry Denham, General MacArthur, M. Feeder and Dr. O. C. Josslyn, Pope Toledos . Mortimer (and Mark Gerstle, Bella’s brother) would be among the directors. I remember swimming there once when I was a small child on one of the Sunset's rare warm & sunny days. Previously, in 1907, the brothers had organized the City Electric Company, which had a steam plant in North Beach (supplanted by power from GWP later, one must imagine).

The wedding of Mortimer’s daughter Eleanor to Leon Sloss at Green Gables, 1925. .

A group of San Francisco capitalists, Bruce Dohrmann, Milton Esberg, John Drum and Herbert Fleishhacker, Sr., in combination with the Linnard Hotel Interests, assumed management of the Tahoe Tavern Properties. Nothing was to be gained by pursuing him further.”. Their business interests extended from California to Nevada, Oregon, and beyond. handing out & gathering the towels, sweeping and hosing down the entire locker room, including the shower area (it was huge! It has been difficult to uncover details of this transaction or subsequent ones that involved paper mills.

Each is a vice president of his brother’s bank.


The gigantic pool it served was built by Bay Area local philanthropist and city Parks Commissioner Herbert Fleishhacker to accommodate 10,000 swimmers. At 1,000 feet long and 150 feet wide, plus a separate tiered diving tower, it was the largest pool in the United States at the time. . I stayed there in the mid-90's, but was told it was a former insane asylum. [1][5][6] The remaining ruins were demolished, and only a fragment consisting of three ornate entrances remains. I have no beef with Celsius, I just don't have the ingrained ability to understand. Other references say that Aaron founded the company in 1880, when he was 60. Pacific Coast - North average ocean temps by month. Herbert died in 1957, four years after his brother. Just set it in the pool and let it go! . And, as they did so often, the brothers became involved with other companies whose operations were related to power production.

That's it, Big_B. The company was reported to have made a profit of $531,000 in 1938; the merger was described in TIME as costing Dow “almost $12 million in stock.”, In 1913, Honolulu Iron Works contracted for a large sugar mill, for the Calambra Estate, situated 12 miles outside of Manila. Mortimer (far right) and Herbert (third from the right) are seen at the Bismarck Café in this undated photo. However, for any user of a GPS device, the name exists, even if the settlement does not; one can actually find youtube videos of trains passing through the non-existent Fleish.

The Fleishhacker Pool bore his name until it closed in 1971. It was filled by 6.5 million gallons of saltwater pumped in from the nearby ocean at high tide. He explained to the papers that he had previously been opposed to the project because of concerns about stockholders of Spring Valley Water Co., but his change of heart at this point – if that is what it was – broke a deadlock for the project. In return the Southern Pacific agree to convert the line to standard gauge and offer over-night service between San Francisco and Tahoe City. Follow us on Twitter to get the latest on the world's hidden wonders. [3], In 1999, the San Francisco Zoological Society was granted ownership of the pool house. Winter train service, primarily to Truckee but also to Tahoe was known as the Snowball Express. The facade of  the Fleishhacker Pool poolhouse, a city landmark from 1924 to 2012, can be found in the parking lot of the San Francisco Zoo.

It is quite a story, a story I want my children and grandchildren to know. . Herbert continued to be involved in a plethora of financial dealings on his own after he and his brother had set up their own banks.

In 1921 he was a member of a conference on unemployment called by President Harding; he was quoted as saying that California was not suffering unemployment to the same degree as the rest of the country. But they were engaging in swimming-like activities. Of particular interest is that Mr. Mortimer Fleishhacker served as President of the Truckee River General Electric Company in the early 1900s.” Herbert became president of the Reno Traction Co.

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Salt water was pumped into the pool at high tide through a pipeline from the ocean and then pumped out at low tide. Usage of the pool had been low, and the repair costs exceeded the City's budget,[1] so the pool was converted to fresh water, resulting in poor water quality; it was closed by the end of 1971. We go to the SF Zoo almost every week--nice to find out what that structure is. From the author’s collection. It became an eyesore occupied by derelicts, until it burned on December 1, 2012, and had to be torn down. Most of the other investors were also relatives by marriage: S. C. Scheeline was Belle Fleishhacker’s husband, and Ludwig Schwabacher (who would soon be the manager of the Floriston Paper and Pulp Mill) was their sister Carrie’s husband. In 1911, after conducting an electric light rate war against the Sacramento Electric, Gas, and Railway Company, GWP received a contract for lighting the state capitol.

Among Herbert’s many problems in 1938 was the failure of that line, which was taken over by the U.S. Maritime Commission; TIME reported that not long after Captain Dollar died and his son R. Stanley took over, “the Dollar Line owed Anglo California some $3,000,000; and of the Dollar stock, the Fleishhackers owned 109,000 shares, the Dollars 93,000.” TIME also reported that the Maritime Commission “listed him [Herbert] among those who milked the Dollar Line almost to extinction.”, Among Herbert’s many enterprises was the Stanford Barn, now part of the Stanford Shopping Center. Then, a few years later, the San Francisco Bulletin, the city’s oldest paper, was sold to Hearst’s Call (creating the Call-Bulletin) by Herbert Fleishhacker, according to the Oregon Statesman. But after all these troubles, neither Herbert nor his sons were known to the next generation of the family. The pool was even used for aquatic drills by the military during war years.

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