I never heard it referred to as a Disc Harrow until I started getting on the internet. Edited by wvbuzzmaster, February 15, 2012 - 04:33 AM. For instance in Iowa a Disc Harrow is a Disc and a spike Harrow was a harrow. Might as well make a few dollars off them. Your email address will not be published. Farming Simulator 19 introduces a new shop category: Disc/Power harrows. Farming Simulator 19 introduces a new shop category: Disc/Power harrows. You can find cultivators in the shop under the following categories: Cultivators, Power/Disc harrows, and Planters/Seeders (here you will find the machines that plant and cultivate at the same time). One set with the more aggressive cutting and one set of regular discs. (on the parcels you own). If you play at balanced difficulty, plowing is required every third crop to maintain soil fertility. The solid disc especially if too light can just roll over clumps of trash instead of cutting it. (when you stand in the field, in the lower right corner you will see an info box – if the soil requires plowing, you will be informed in orange text) You will also see this information on the map: a field that requires plowing will be marked in. I cultivated and seeded the field in 1 go and it shows as “cultivated”, “growing” and “fertilized” but also still shows as “needs plowing”. Adjustable Tow-behind Disk Harrow-DD-55BH at The Home Depot, Sleeve Hitch Disc Cultivator-45-0266 at The Home Depot, DH1, trowel and Huskyfan have said thanks, GTTinkerer, Huskyfan and michael.kitko have said thanks, jimbobbillyray and Huskyfan have said thanks. Plowing is required when: Cultivation is good enough for preparing the field for most crops. A disc cultivator would have a gap in the center so the row would flow though and the gangs would be made to either throw the dirt in or pull the dirt out. (with a -15% yield loss without plowing). They are characterized by: higher work speed, lower price, lower power requirement of the tractor. Your email address will not be published. One advantage of the notched discs is it concntrates more weight on the cutting edge to cut up trash. You can find cultivators in the shop under the following categories: Cultivators, Power/Disc harrows, and Planters/Seeders (here you will find the machines that plant and cultivate at the same time). Home » Guides » Farming Simulator 19 – Plowing and Cultivation Tips. You currently have javascript disabled. This is not recommended for shared computers, 29-39 in. If you plow, you don’t need to cultivate – sow away! Plowing is not always required – and rightly so, as it is the slowest and hardest task. They are also cultivators, but of a different design. Several functions may not work. Plants for which cultivation is sufficient: wheat, barley, oats, sunflower, corn. The notched blades are so the disc will turn in hard or trashy ground. They are also cultivators, but of a different design. This is a very hard job and you need to do it with a powerful tractor. Question: I have deactivated periodic plowing. Cultivation does not affect yields: after plowing, you do not have to cultivate the soil. Cultivation can be performed instead of the arduous plowing, but only for some plants: grains and sunflower; optionally corn. potatoes, reeds and beets). We use chain harrows to aerate the soil, lift matter off the ground, and to help spread out matter in the field. :confuse: DOES NOT COMPUTE :confuse: DOES NOT COMPUTE :confuse: DOES NOT COMPUTE :confuse: Find some operators and put them puppies to work.

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