sticker by himself, his trans-friends, and his husband, AT HIS OWN COMPANY. Nope. The Daily Dot submitted a article about his logo being roasted that isn't from the group of misogynistic gamers and 4chan denizens that is GamerGate after the logo edits are becoming more newsworthy. Wu thanks him for his vote, but says we need to get going. But wait, where did he get that picture in the first place? Brianna Wu is running for Congress in Massachusetts, but most are used to hearing her name in a very different context. American video game developer and programmer most famous for co-founding the independent game development company Giant Spacekat. ",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia extended-confirmed-protected pages, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2016, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Commentary on issues related to women in gaming, This page was last edited on 15 October 2020, at 00:23. “I really see what I’m doing now as public service. Brianna Wu, CEO of the gaming studio Giant Spacekat, and her husband had to leave their home . “I went for a workout [that] afternoon, said to myself: ‘This is my industry. She says she hasn’t sent one in a while. [20], Wu decided immediately after the 2016 American presidential election to run for a Congressional seat in the greater Boston area, focusing in part on privacy rights and online harassment, but also on the wider Massachusetts economy. and proposed a 'truce'/begged for mercy so that people would stop ruining the metrics for his game, then decided to inform the public that they had coffee together and that Wardell is not such a bad guy. Please read with caution, go back to the home page, or look at something nice. We head out around 5 p.m., a two-car campaign caravan. This time he’s up against Wu and former fighter pilot Christopher Voehl. She’s witty, intelligent and posts musings on technology and gaming (v. relevant to my interests). It’s fine, I say; my partner and I still use box fans, at least until global warming gets worse. The reactionary movement GamerGate targeted Brianna Wu because of her outspoken stance on harassment and misogyny in the gaming industry and gamer community more generally. Ron O'Brien has been with the Franklin County prosecutor's office for over 30 years, so he has dealt with slimy people like Wu in the past. Does Wu know how to fix bugs? Oh boy... this is going to be a shitty game. In February 2017, shortly after announcing her candidacy, Wu tweeted “The moon is probably the most tactically valuable military ground for earth. It is worth noting that he spent 10 years in college. Their focus is on how the company refuses to negotiate in good faith.

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