I’ve heard of photographs of large black cats being taken, but have never seen one. A search for the wild cat was launched by Guardia Civil yesterday after several witnesses claimed they saw the animal by the municipal castle in Ventas de Huelma. Other names for the mountain lion are puma, catamount, cougar and panther. Voters turn out to cast ballots in north Macon. Their sharp ears, nose and eyes help them vanish before being approached by people. We set out to Verify whether the post is true. Will November Nations League Games Continue Key Trends? After the quiet night, we had a long drive back to the hotel. Hundreds of Aussies claim to have encountered the big cat in Victoria's Geelong region, but very few have presented strong evidence - until now. LAURENS COUNTY, Ga. — Over the weekend, a man in Laurens County made a Facebook post about an alleged 'black panther' sighting that had the internet buzzing. DNR Senior Wildlife Biologist Greg Waters says you'd be more likely to see an elephant that escaped from a zoo or in someone's backyard than you would a black panther. NFL: Masks mandatory at halftime, before and after games, Bert Williams retires as Georgia Military College athletic director, Rare 'black panthers' captured on camera in Kenya, FBI releases 'Bigfoot' files from the 1970s, decades after man's 'credible' sighting. In fact, Bennett admits the post was a joke started between friends and he was surprised that so many people fell for it. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I’m just posting a photo that was attributed to Dianne James from WV, though I’m told it was a hoax. Spain’s cities top the charts for best vegan menus in Europe, COVID-19 outbreak at nursing home in Spain’s Mallorca leaves six dead and more than 100 infected, Full speed ahead for Port of Valencia on the Costa Blanca, New screening tech to help Gibraltar women detect cancer early, Spain’s ‘George Floyd’ case which saw teenage boy die in hands of juvenile centre security guards re-opens in in Andalucia. Black panthers are of interest to me not only because sightings of them are unusually persistent throughout North America, but I personally saw one while shooting an episode of Finding Bigfoot. “We cannot confirm any sighting yet…our troops have not seen the animal.”, The source told press that while Granada has hilly areas, the town in question is ‘rather flat.’. Black panthers are rarely spotted by people. Blacktower’s Sandy Paterson: Financial Columnist, Group of teenagers in northern Spain unlikely heroes in aftermath of…, No national home lockdown ‘imminent’ in Spain as COVID-19 case count…, Massive European border operation involving Spain recovers 352 stolen cars and…, Online terrorist recruitment cell with 10,000 followers broken up in Spain, Weekend of riots across Spain in wake of new COVID-19 restrictions, WATCH: Daredevil surfers ride waves taller than multi-storey buildings on Iberian…, La Liga headache as Spain bans betting sponsorships in sport. or commenting that they, too, had seen a black panther around Laurens County. So we asked the Georgia Department of Natural Resources if there was any truth to this. A BLACK panther is feared to be on the loose in a small town in Granada. I turned to Matt, who also saw it, and we compared notes on what we noticed. I’m pretty happy I got to see one in the flesh, though I would trade it in a second for a bigfoot sighting of the same quality. In the very early morning hours of November 25, 2012, the Finding Bigfoot crew was driving back to the hotel after a night investigation for the Illinois expedition. Immediately, the walkie-talkies erupted as crew members in other cars started asking, “What was that?!”. Matt Moneymaker was driving the cast car, and I was riding shotgun. In 2015, Michelle LaRue, a research ecologist and speaker at the University of Minnesota and executive director of the Cougar Network, cast doubt on black panther sightings in a blog post, saying “there is no compelling evidence that a single wild ‘black panther… Panther Sightings Note: This map only shows panther sightings that are identified by FWC as a panther or its tracks. Black Panther Sightings. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. We didn’t get any bigfoot action that night, though we tried late into the night. And if you ever do spot a real wild animal that looks out of place, you can contact your local sheriff's department, or the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Resources Division at 706-557-3333. Another awesome day on the way for Wednesday! “The cases in which large felines are involved are not, as you can imagine, very frequent,” a spokeswoman for the armed institute said. The fresh sighting comes after another similar case in Guadalajara earlier this year. Spain’s ‘George Floyd’ case which saw teenage boy die in hands of juvenile centre security guards re-opens in ... Spain’s Air Europa gets official government approval for bailout loan, Bookings to Canary Islands surge as travel warnings are lifted, Man jailed for two years after repeatedly raping horses in Spain’s Mallorca, Andalucia’s spectacular wines find new fan base in Japan, ICUs in Spain nearing breaking point after surge in COVID-19 cases, These are the towns to be closed off in Malaga province due to high COVID-19 figures, BREAKING: Spain detects more than 25,000 COVID-19 cases in new daily record, Group of teenagers in northern Spain unlikely heroes in aftermath of weekends COVID-19 curfew riots, WATCH: Daredevil surfers ride waves taller than multi-storey buildings on Iberian Peninsula.

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