This data is presented in the table below. This requires per-pixel illumination, ideally, or failing that a good number of dimming zones for the backlight. To ensure the GPU driver is setup correctly to use FreeSync, open ‘AMD Radeon Settings’ and click on ‘Display’. This helps maintain a richer look overall, although the saturation losses lower down the screen are still evident (gamma shifts are all the same as this is a TN limitation, not related to gamma setting). You can either configure this globally under ‘Global Settings’ or for each game individually. All checkerboard patterns were visible against the background, although the final pattern was quite faint. Many manufacturers are now pushing HDR (High Dynamic Range) as a head-turning headline feature for displays. This was generally quite faint and not eye-catching. Contrast in games and moviesOn Battlefield 1 (BF1) the monitor provided a decent contrast performance overall. In fact, the screen used for that article used a slightly older variant of the panel used in the EL2870U. All the panels here deliver solid accuracy, but it’s impossible to ignore the first and second place VA monitors. You are free to manage this via your browser settings at any time - further information can be found in our Privacy Policy. The static contrast was a bit below the 1000:1 specified, although was quite typical for the panel type. Settings Galore You get a good selection of settings with the EL2870U. And more noticeably fairly widespread overshoot, which was mainly quite faint but had some more noticeable instances mixed in as well. However; lower down the screen excessive detail was revealed and these subtle elements appeared ‘blocky’ and unnatural. It could be revealed by raising its position on the screen or lowering your head a bit. This is typical for a TN panel.Performance on the black level tests was good from a normal viewing position. This is a trait of all 28” Ultra HD monitors and is inherent to the older Innolux panel they’re based on. Particularly considering the pixel density, it would’ve been nice to see a lighter screen surface employed. 57fps) instead, avoiding any VSync latency penalty at frame rates near the ceiling of operation or tearing from frame rates rising above the refresh rate. All but the first few blocks were visible against the background – these should appear nicely blended for a monitor tracking the ‘2.2’ gamma curve. We did not observe any static interlace pattern artifacts, although we did observe some dynamic interlacing patterns in places. You’d therefore select either the third or fourth option in the list, shown in the image below. ‘AMA = Off’ provided a fair amount of trailing behind the object, strongest for the dark background (top row). Compared to some of their other monitors, the OSD response is also much improved, though still doesn’t quite match the speed of ASUS monitors. We would have preferred that higher gamma was maintained or the ‘Gamma’ setting was still accessible, however. Another important area of HDR is contrast. I managed to achieve a grayscale DeltaE average of 1.6, which falls under the recommended ceiling of 3.0 for accuracy, along with a color temperature of 6466 K. Black level was measured to be 0.16 nits, which is typical for TN monitors, as they don’t usually reproduce great black levels. LFC (Low Frame Rate Compensation) is not supported by this monitor, as that requires the upper limit (ceiling) to be at least 2x the lower limit (floor) of FreeSync operation. 57fps) instead, avoiding any VSync latency penalty at frame rates near the ceiling of operation or tearing from frame rates rising above the refresh rate. With a 27.9” screen size, the BenQ offers a pixel density of 157.91 PPI (Pixels Per Inch). The monitor offers reasonably comprehensive sRGB coverage (97%), with a bit of under-coverage in the red and blue region and a bit of over-coverage in the green region. But still some decent depth overall. And finally there is 1:1, a pixel mapping feature that will only use the pixels called for in the source resolution and keep remaining pixels black. It supports HDR10 content, so you won’t find HDR formats such as Dolby Vision and HLG here, but this is to be expected at the entry level price point. For those rare AMD users that are using this monitor, the driver is set up correctly by default to allow the monitor to interpolate where possible.

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