So let’s have a look: Detail of the original WW2 wood handguard. The original A2 stock is slightly different in all dimensions, and because of the real A2 BAR’s buffer tube assembly, an original stock WILL NOT fit the airsoft gun without EXTENSIVE modification and reworking. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. MSRP: $1,300.00. Is the AY or Matrix produced now? Facebook; Twitter; Tumblr; LinkedIn; Pinterest; MySpace; Email; Go to. Share Thread. It still won't budge. It looks great but I think you are right. VFC BAR M1918A2 Airsoft AEG. As you can see in the photos though, the painted stock looks very nice. For example, the muzzle nut on the AGM MP44 is left-handed. operacional e funciona da forma para a qual foi projetado. It’s a subtle difference. Mostly looking for a wall hanger and this is perfect for that. Quote. But the battery that comes with it is worthless. When finished you put the follower, spring and base plate back in, and you slightly bend the cut-off edge, just to make sure the follower doesn’t shoot out again. Another three years since any comments here. Hi, So far I have only had it on display. I had to use a pair of clamping pliers, a bench vise, and a propane torch to remove the D#*n thing! Regular Poster; 622 posts; Gender: Male; Location: Heard Island … VFC BAR M1918A2 Airsoft AEG WE ARE OUT OF STOCK OF THIS POPULAR ITEM UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Wood is for WW1 BARs. I got mine 15 years ago, thinking it was a sling for the Garand. ACM just released this beautiful metal replica. Is this beuty work well? The aging is pretty easy as you can see. Esse valor inclui as devidas tarifas alfandegárias, impostos, corretagem e outras taxas. This tubular hand grip holds the two halves into place. And when you look at reference books, the magazine is never really black, but a more greyish shade you can’t accomplish by rubbing the replica magazine with steel wool. I don't think there's gonna be anything in northern New England anytime soon, and as far as I know there hasn't been in a while, but if you're willing to drive to Connecticut there's usually some decent sized battles a couple times a year. My advice: do not attempt to convert the stock. I haven't been here in years, but I'm glad to see this forum is still kicking! I was afraid that the flash hider might break off instead of unscrewing off if I exert too much torque. I literally cut them off with a dremel. Also the outer dimensions are exactly the same. To me it’s not an issue, as I am not much interested in firing it. Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. Hi, from Budapest, Hungary! About ten years ago, I decided to focus on WWII US Army, specializing in the history and equipment of the US Paratroops. You wrote that it’s an original! When you see most any real steel gun that was deployed in World war two it has a great deal of wear; it gives the gun character. Your email address will not be published. Good luck finding an original leather sling. For re-enactment purposes, I think a repro Garand sling, properly aged, will do fine. Looking for any fellow ww2aa guys around the Evansville area. Stalin should have known communism wouldn't work. The flat black metal the gun came in appeared too dark for my taste. Not red hot, but burn-the-hell-out-of-yourself kinda hot. Recommended Posts. Thanks for your comment! So I would have to say, as long as theres no plastic in that area of the gun, BLAST that sucker with some heat! once i disassembled the front end to get to the hop up unit, when i reinstalled it, it wobbled like crazy. Required fields are marked *. Para obter mais informações, veja os, Vfc Airsoft Bar M1918A2 Réplica Ultra Raro Usado, Não há fotos correspondentes a essa variação, Item que já foi usado. With everyone going full-metal now, the collector benefits. O vendedor assume toda a responsabilidade pelo anúncio. The magazine that comes with the weapon is a black metal high cap. As mentioned elsewhere the BAR is not for the faint of heart it is a very large and awkward weapon to field. Hope this helps! i modified six of the hi caps into 110 round midcaps using the MAG brand M16 VN Style magazines and they work great. The steel bipod that comes with it even has some markings stamped into it and already looks and feels like the real deal. A favourite of some airsoft players who prefer this over the usual M249s, there is a version of the M1918 BAR from S&T and it has real wood furniture. You Save: $150.05 (12 %) Item Number: VFCBAR. Ocorreu um problema. The bracket itself is a two part assembly that when held together grasps the barrel. The new finished subdued the OHOI Arms trades on the reciever which frankly were a bit much. Útočné pušky a samopaly ... Replika modelu BAR 1918 (Browning Automatic Rifle M 1918) v celokovovém provedení. Internally, this gun has been upgraded with a . As such I’ve always had a huge interest as well and have always really been drawn to the B.A.R. Veja detalhes no carrinho. I will send you an email. Assuming they do I will redo the ECHO magazines I have as well. Email this page to a friend. This is to allow for the airsoft internals of the rifle. Plastic faux wood has a lot of seams and some barrel scratches from the bipod (which shows signs of rust), and the action dust cover is locked open, all will be taken care of but shouldn't have to. When you do this too, I recommend you first strip the magazine. WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING PRE-ORDERS TO RESERVE … The stock has been painted black, as WW2 BARs generally had black composit stocks instead of wood. Detail of flash hider and bipod attachment. There were red flags everywhere!". I have ordered a front handguard as the dual bolts and pseudo wood is a bit distracting to me and I added a leather sling. I just did a little cosmetic work on my ECHO one BAR. The two hex bolts on the bracket allow it to be tightened or loosened and ultimately seperated once the handgrip is pulled off. Just unscrew the flash hider, and then pull the bipod off, then reinstall your flash hider. The original handguard requires only a very small amount of filing to fit. Generally, I prefer no markings to fake markings, but these look authentic enough. After some simple aging work, it simply looks stunning! I secured it on a table vise just about where the gas cylinder connects to the barrel but it still would not turn. I'm thinking I gotta get one of these. Please Login or Register. Not broken in short time? I’m sure three years later this doesn’t do you much good, but if anybody ever reads this: I tried to convert one to original furniture. Anyone got a CAD File /SOLIDWORKS/ 3D Model for the Marushin M1 Garand Part 45? I saw on the e-bay a black bakelite stock, and it hasn’t got this aluminium end. Is there a procedure to follow before posting? Same as I did with mine, but I haven’t got a carrying handle yet. Mag release is ambidextrous, automatic fire mode only, and comes with a carry handle. There is a real wood kit now that will fit either although the pseudo wood actually looks pretty decent.

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