Box 33018 St. Petersburg, FL 33733-8018. } Allstate Are there options if any household member wants to own a trampoline? ASI also write complementary policies to their main focus (home insurance), including flood and umbrella. The majority of these reported incidents are from the 5 to 14-year-old age group with about 71,265 individuals hurt. Hawaii Maryland Insurance Premium Finance Agreement – What Is This For? Homesite background: none; #6 – Are there ASI underwriters in St. Petersburg, Florida? Yelp has 13 reviews of this company, with an overall rating of just under two stars. We partner with top insurance providers. Ask insurance agents the following questions: Not telling insurers about the existence of a trampoline is a dangerous act. It may be a good choice to buy ASI’s home coverage for those seeking to bundle with a Progressive auto policy for a discount. My Insurance Company Is Cancelling My Home Insurance Policy Due To EIFS Construction. Progressive There are also several other branches in the group. Common Reasons Why ASI and Other Home Insurance Companies Cancel or Non-Renew a Home Insurance Policy After Inspection. Pennsylvania @media (max-width: 40em) { The risk is simply too high and losses could be extremely costly. Erie North Dakota ASI will make no exceptions regarding this. Rhode Island Auto is only written in California through a subsidiary and the site has no information on this product. Eric Stauffer is a former insurance agent and banker turned consumer advocate. Home Neglect – ASI wants all the homes they insure to show pride of ownership. The site does not say whether the underlying policies need to be with the same company. Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Lightning Damage? Applications for home insurance policies should show the presence or ownership of a trampoline or any other attractive nuisances. This report also states that 104,729 individuals injured from trampoline activities went to emergency rooms for treatment. You can go to the support section of their webpage to manage your policy. Founded just over 20 years ago, American Strategic Insurance (ASI) is a Florida-based property and casualty insurer that has seen rapid growth. Progressive As with any insurance policy, it’s best to contact homeowners insurance companies for any questions regarding how trampolines affect coverage. Delaware No. This article will be more relevant to ASI customers, but it may apply to other insurance companies since most home insurance companies have similar underwriting guidelines. Farm Bureau At times, the problem may be resolved, but in other instances it may simply be a good idea to shop with another insurance company. The company still operates under its own name but has added Progressive’s name and logo to their banner. Without rates or detailed policy information, it is difficult to judge what this company really offers. If you have a rental property and your tenant has a trampoline, you will be asked to advice the tenant to remove the trampoline or the policy will be canceled. They also don’t like other exotic animals like large reptiles, birds, etc. This information may be different than what you see when you visit an insurance provider, insurance agency, or insurance company website. New York Liberty Mutual You will be asked to repair and turn in pictures showing the repair. When evaluating rates, please verify directly with your insurance company or agent. The company has survived some of the worst hurricanes in recent memory and carried on when many insurers pulled out of the Florida market. National General Esurance, Home Insurance Coverage Guide No, ASI is strictly an insurance company. Dogs, swimming pools, and trampolines fall under the category of attractive nuisances. All insurance rates, products, and services are presented without warranty and guarantee. Despite homeowners insurance to cover costs for injuries to people in registered properties, insurers are less likely to provide coverage to harm caused by jumping on a trampoline. However, health insurance policies may still cover to treat the injury. North Carolina We will discuss everything in this ASI review step-by-step so you can see if they are the company for you. Once the insurance agent or company knows that a trampoline is in the property without them knowing about it in the first place, then there’s a high chance of claims being denied. ASI will also cancel your policy if your dog somewhat resembles one of the unacceptable breed. As an ASI agent in Austin, I have come across many different reasons why ASI and/or many other home insurance companies will cancel or non-renew your home insurance policy upon inspection. Farmers Florida Cincinnati Insurance We update our site regularly, and all content is reviewed by insurance experts. Omitting the truth about any add-ons in a home could be troubling once a policyholder is about to file for a home insurance claim. Why a Truck Insurance Company Will Ask for a Bill of Sale to Remove a Heavy Truck. Our opinions are our own. The company website does not offer ASI insurance rates, nor do they have online quoting. In some states, home and car insurance can be bundled through Progressive Home. Again, the complaints are varied in nature, and some appear to be repeated from the BBB reviews.

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