"Cougars which pose a threat to human safety or domestic livestock will be euthanized.". It seems that I am just beginning to set boundaries and establish my territory. He said the nature of the cougar as a "secretive animal,' makes it very difficult to track. Meyers said that report was investigated and no tracks were found. As a chapter, the association represents Asian and Pacific Islander reporters in the Los Angeles area. Bill Hauk: Two of my teenage sons saw a mountain lion around 2000 on our farm in Swanville. If they can't finish an entire kill in one meal, they'll cover it with leaves and brush then come back to it later. Coyotes are rare and I have never heard of a bear in town. Josh Cain's interest in writing and reporting the news started as a kid growing up in Orange County, California. Good parking spaces and restroom available. While hiking, keep careful watch, and keep your children close to you. GET BREAKING NEWS IN YOUR BROWSER. The former owner of this property, Mr. The Abatement guy quit Abating. The mountain lion is still a mountain lion. They both turned around and went the other way. ~ Lee Bridgers, Dreamride owner Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), official accounts that claim the last mountain lion in Maine was killed in 1938, Laurie Nichols Kelly shared her story of an encounter with a big cat, For one Mainer, welcoming hunters to his land paid countless dividends, Maine sees another record-breaking day of new virus cases, Another Mainer dies as 94 new coroanvirus cases are reported across the state, Low levels of COVID-19 fragments detected in Orono wastewater could be sign of coming outbreak, Pittsfield church becomes 3rd within a month to have COVID-19 outbreak, Proudly powered by Newspack by Automattic. Larger mammals, like mule deer and mountain lions, must cover more territory in order to find food and water, and sometimes migrate to nearby mountains during summer. The Pitases said the usual head of nine deer in their neighborhood was double that morning, with about 18 deer looking anxious. Please be aware that mountain lions have occasionally attacked humans as well—especially young children. If they can't finish an entire kill in one meal, they'll cover it with leaves and brush then come back to it later. Quite frankly, to this day, I still don’t really believe what I saw. 4 amazing sculptures have been added since the last time I was on the bridge. When Laurie Nichols Kelly shared her story of an encounter with a big cat — she couldn’t see the tail, and wasn’t sure what it was — we asked readers what they thought, and asked them to share their own tales. The long tail means it wasn’t merely a large bobcat or lynx. My Oregonian cousin was riding shotgun and two other carpenters (both noted poachers) in the back. For years, the presence of mountain lions here in Maine has been a passionately debated topic. Andy and Wendy Pitas said they had a clear view of two young-looking cougars at about 8 a.m. on Friday. copyright Dreamride 1997-2005 None of the material, written, graphics, or photographs, may be broadcast, published, re-written, re-edited, or used in any way outside of this site without the written consent of Dreamride Mountain Bike Tours and Film Services and Lee Bridgers. Nathaniel Percy has worked for the Southern California News Group since 2014 covering a wide range of topics including community sports and cities in Orange County, as well as crime and public safety in the South Bay and Long Beach. A young male mountain lion was reportedly killed there a couple of months after the release and many conclude that it was this lion. We are both from “away” but have vacationed here for the past decade. This National Geographic site is an excellent source for basic information on the lion's range, habitat, and even mountain lion calls and noises. In November a pheasant hunter reported seeing a deer, torn up, apparently by a large animal, in the Matheson Wetlands. Deer wander around the yard at 6AM in spring and sleep in several spots on the property most of the year. Convenient to many trails. Talking to the old timers in and around where we live they told us that “Ayuh, there have been mountain lions seen over the years in Jonesboro.”. Calls to the station started coming in around 1:10 p.m. on Saturday, deputies at the station said. I was so startled, I pulled over to collect myself and then I texted my husband before heading home. Now, I know that mothballs turn away skunks and urine discourages badgers. A domestic cat in a trap is agitated and afraid, but the stress of containment and manipulation is life threatening to a wild animal. Locals tell you if you drink from Matrimony Springs you are now married to Moab and must come back! A great place to meet at to head to trail heads. Prior to SCNG, Nathaniel spent five years covering community sports for the La Habra Journal, an independent bi-monthly community newspaper. “He’s gone,” said Lt. Anna Carrillo of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Malibu/Lost Hills station. "They are not causing any problems," said Division of Wildlife Resources investigator Sergeant Ed Meyers said. The late painter Neil Welliver told me that a young guy working for him saw a cougar along the Ducktrap River on his farm in Lincolnville years ago. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. I was heading home from Togus and took a back way home to Kingfield. (sic) "They are just wandering through, several hundred yards away from residences. and no more sheep. Mountain lions hunt for survival, not for sport. We hope not. Mountain lion draws onlookers in Agoura Hills…, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Maxine Waters vs. Joe Collins: War of words, Mountain lion draws onlookers in Agoura Hills neighborhood for hours, then leaves, Man charged with animal cruelty for allegedly trapping coyote pup, Long Beach police recover 2 stolen lizards in the Valley worth combined $75,000, authorities say, Burglars steal riot gear from Army National Guard armory in Ontario, Election: LAPD issues city-wide tactical alert to ‘plan for the worst, hope for the best’, Southern California weather whiplash: First hot, then cold, have seen deadly mountain lion attacks on small pets in recent years. I have a sneaky suspicion our cougar survived his vacation in the mountains and is back in the valley with a healthy respect for metal cages. ... Once saw a mountain lion while driving on Highway 20 west toward I-15 from US ... Canyonlands and Arches/Moab in 8 days. I don't think he will walk into one again. The animal was extremely sleek and in a couple of bounds had leapt up a steep incline heading toward the Frye Mountain area. I erected a small corvid feeding station on the spot where the lion was trapped. Since the mountain lion was near open space and seemed content to hang out in the tree, however, deputies and wardens with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife left him alone. Some are sure they’ve seen the big cats — also known as cougars, pumas and catamounts. Sheriff’s Lt. Greg Evans said the mountain lion was expected to “head back into the hillsides” Saturday night. Maine news, sports, politics, election results, and obituaries. Meyers said that report was investigated and no tracks were found. He was just over a year old, large and well nourished. Meyers said the division was unable to confirm that sighting because the call was anonymous and no decription of the area was left for investigating officers. Authorities warned residents to keep children and pets indoors, if possible, in case the mountain lion came down looking for a snack. (sic) "They are just wandering through, several hundred yards away from residences. “It was exciting for sure,” Carrillo said of the cat-induced commotion. Still, the mountain lion sighting so close to homes Saturday drew a large crowd.

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