Extensive ornate cutouts and carvings on crown. Holds 12 cues. All Rights Reserved. Oak construction with dark cherry color finish. Exceptional condition as shown. 30 inches wide, 16 inches deep, holds 36 cues. Displays 12 cues. Holds 12 cues. $115.00 each Oak Narragansett Leg … #5-28 Very nice antique cue rack of the type provided with variety of antique pool tables in the 1920s and 1930s. Perfect compliment for Brunswick Gold Crown I, Gold Crown II, and other similar pool table models. Fluted vertical side panels. © Copyright 2020 Antique Billiard Supply. Solid birch with dark cherry finish. Mahogany finish with designs of holly and ivory diamonds. Holds 12 cues. Square shape to occupy the least possible space. Holds 12 cues. For this reason, it is important that you insure your originals when sending them to us as replacing them could be difficult or expensive. Decorative crown panels with recessed detail. 40 Broadway Albany NY 12202   (518) 434-2800, Click HERE to jump directly to Shop & Color Options. Constructed of birch and mahogany with carved accents on the center post. Click here to shop pocket parts and services, Bankshot Antiques, 40 Broadway, Albany NY 12202, Website Designed & Powered by Groupiehead, Albany NY Website Design and Social Media Marketing, Antique Pool Tables  |  Antique Billiard Tables  |  Pool Table Restoration & Repair  |  Antique Billiard Table Restoration & Repair. Send us a photo of your pockets as they are now and we can discuss the range of options. Solid oak construction with special dark finish to compliment a mission style pool table. A perfect compliment to any antique Brunswick pool table. Holds 12 cues. #5-04 Unusual old wall-mounted Brunswick cue rack with pearl accents at each corner. Accent crown section and fluted corner blocks. Leather Pocket Parts & Service: Bankshot Antique Pool Tables Billiard Table Restoration: Brunswick, J. E. Came, Oliver Briggs, Wendt, Babcock and Benedict Perfect for the billiard room where wall space is limited. Holds 12 cues. #5-31 Unusual Brunswick cue rack with large vertical elements and decorative blocks at each side of the crown section. Finding an experienced mechanic is important. #5-16 Combination Coat Closet and Hat Rack by Brunswick. The cloth is the most obvious – everyone knows when the cloth is ripped or bald from wear, it’s time for a new one – and there are billiard mechanics most everywhere that you can call on to change the cloth and tune up your leveling. If the ball goes “THUNK” and dies a short distance off the rail, the game isn’t much fun. #5-25 Compact antique cue rack of a design that can compliment many models of Brunswick antique pool tables. Extra wide with one slot at each side to accommodate bridge or other long items. Original Brunswick-Balke-Collender name panel is not retouched. Oak construction with dark brown finish. One of the first things I look at on an old table is to see if it has its original, correct irons as they contribute a lot to the look and character. Changing the cushions (especially on an old table) requires another level of expertise since the EXACT height of the cushion nose and the angle and width of the pocket openings are critical. Solid oak construction with dark brown finish. $19.20 Brunswick Antique … Birch and ash construction, dark walnut finish. Simple design would compliment many models of Brunswick pool tables. About 22 inches wide, 40 inches long. Solid oak construction with dark brown finish. Displays 12 cues. new baskets to a complete re-sewing job including  the iron cover, reinforcing leather, inside pocket trim and slate trim, outside shield or fringe and the basket. #5-18 Wall mounted cue rack with wide vertical accents on crown section. Holds six cues. Holds six cues. Original gold leaf decal remains in good condition. Original medium brown finish. Birch construction finished in dark walnut color. Holds 14 cues. Browse through history, information & photos of Brunswick… A perfect compliment for many antique Brunswick pool tables. A quality accent piece for any antique Brunswick pool table. We specialize in pool table supplies and maintenance. Slotted top bar limits damage to cue shafts. Slotted center section and top retaining bar hold cues securely. Oak construction with mission-style dark brown finish. Nice match for spectator chairs #7-10. Slotted top bar limits damage to cue shafts. #5-09 Early wall-mounted Brunswick antique cue rack. Old Mission design, with heavy structural elements visible throughout. Unusually heavy with solid oak construction. We supply the needed parts to other restorers, re-furbishers, and do-it-yourselfers, and we also offer sewing and assembly services on your irons. #5-19 Early wall-mounted cue rack with prominent logo from the Brunswick Balke Collender Co. Nice accent for many antique pool table models produced in the years 1880 to 1915. Billiard Restoration Service offers a fine selection of vintage antique billiard & pool tables that have been or are in the process of being restored to factory specifications to be for sale. It’s maintenance because you can still play pool just fine if the legs are missing some of their veneer – but if the balls are falling on the floor, that requires immediate attention! #5-03 Fabulous early Brunswick antique pool cue rack in solid cherry wood. Double vertical supports are both decorative and functional, combining classic old mission style with exceptional strength.

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