In anticipation for the upcoming 7 Little Johnstons premiere, mom Amber Johnston opened the @Team7LJ's Instagram stories to any and all questions from viewers. 7 Little Johnstons spoilers reveal Trent Johnston and his wife Amber Johnston face marital issues in new season. I can’t handle clutter, chaos or being late. 7 Little Johnstons spoilers show that Amber Johnston is not happy with the treatment she receives. Well, Amber won’t let that stop her and her husband from enjoying it. Amber has four years of experience, according to her Zillow profile. It's worth noting that at one point Amber and Trent sat down their kids and discussed the possibility of starting their own business. Always remember the two of you are a work in progress! Alex and Emma adorably created a commercial for their mom, based on the slogan, "Little mama sells big houses." Has she continued and gained confidence? Trent Johnston would do anything for his 7 Little Johnstons family. And, fans think they just won the internet with their Halloween outfits and performance. “But there is a lot of risk involved in opening your own mom-and-pop shop. Be sure to catch 7 Little Johnstons at 10 p.m. (ET) Tuesdays on TLC. #metnycfinest #learnedalilhistory #memoriesweremade, A post shared by official 7 little Johnstons (@team7lj) on Apr 16, 2019 at 3:58am PDT. They truly are our second family! What advice do you have for raising children with dwarfism? How was the adoption process? Folks have to realize [that] hours of filming have to be cut down to 44 minutes to make one episode. Rumors Are Running Rampant, The Duggars Have Many "Rules" but Jinger Forges Her Own Path, licensed realtor for Washburn & Associates, Jason Connery Has Grown Up in His Father Sean Connery's Shadow. These days, Anna, Elizabeth, Jonah, Alex, and Emma are either already in college or are quickly approaching their high school years. 7 Little Johnstons mom and dad, Amber and Trent see their kids grow up these days. He is always focusing on the needs of his children. ‘7 Little Johnstons’ Spoilers: Trent and Amber Face Marital Issues In New Season, 7 Little Johnstons: Family Canoe Trip And Unexpected Heartbreak – ‘A Tale Of Two Rivers’ Recap, ‘Little People, Big World’: Amy and Matt Roloff Still Respect Each Other After Divorce. The Long Island Medium couple have been married for 28 years. 90 Day Fiance’s Russ and Paola Reveal Their Baby’s Gender! He tells Amber that “between you and I there are no problems.” Amber seems to think otherwise. When 7 Little Johnstons started airing on TLC in 2015, Amber Johnston was a busy stay-at-home mom to the five children she shares with her husband, Trent. Watch Eric and Courtney manage their soccer-team sized household on the series premiere Tuesday, September 18th at 10/9c! The series focuses on the everyday lives of Trent and Amber Johnston raising their five children. We have always treated filming the show as a family job. ‘7 Little Johnstons’ Spoilers: Amber Johnston Disturbed By Freak Show – Believes Little People Were Exploited. She was born May 4, 1981 in Dallas, Texas. “Dad and I have been really thinking about owning our own business,” Amber explained at the time. This season the family deals with dating, health issues and a lot teens. Trent Johnston and his wife Amber both have Achondroplasia dwarfism. I have seven kids and it’s a struggle! Here's Why People Think the Voice of Squidward Died — Twice! Photo by: Amazing Grace Photography/ Instagram: @team7lj, Amazing Grace Photography/ Instagram: @team7lj. Or, 'She shouldn't be able to do this job because of her height.' However, Amber feels like she is being pushed aside. How long have you been married and how many kids did you want in the beginning? ", She went on to add, "Mom has talked about how being a little person does not have to affect your career. Now, do they grumble sometimes? Amber kept it honest and filled them in on everything. But besides that, there's no negative thing about being a little person and a real estate agent.". Instill in the kids to stay on top of work, [and] do not procrastinate. Whatever the reason may be, Amber is definitely not hiding how she is feeling. #7littlejohnstons goes to the BIG tonight 10pm on @tlc! Sure. 7 Little Johnstons spoilers indicate that Trent Johnston doesn’t believe that there are any problems with the family dynamics. Emma! She is always taking care of her children the moment they wake up in the morning until the moment they go to bed at night. Perhaps in addition to being a realtor, Amber will one day add "business owner" to her resume. All of the Johnstons — mom Amber, dad Trent, and kids Jonah, Elizabeth, Anna, Alex, and Emma — have achondroplasia, a type of dwarfism that affects the extremities, making the limbs smaller than average. Amber Johnston is primarily a stay at home mom on Little Johnstons. After yoga fails to inspire the family to get active, Amber & Trent get bikes for everyone but Emma and Alex struggle without training wheels. 29: 4 "Tour De Johnston" October 10, 2017 () Amber signs the family up for a charity bike ride. No, seriously it’s what I put him in my phone as! Not one single line! Meanwhile, Trent and Amber surprise the family with matching tattoos but Jonah's not feeling them! So who knows? She could be feeling ignored. © 2020 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. The Johnstons always work through any challenges they face. Amber and Trent Johnston have been married for 20 years. Trent Works Hard for His Family, Did Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler Split? But, no, that doesn't stop us," she explained. However, now they are dealing with issues relating to their emotions and relationships. "We are super proud of mom for becoming a real estate agent," Elizabeth shared with TLC in 2017. She later died at an area hospital. Do you think your TV show reflects how all the family members are in real life?

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