Completely not applicable. It's a lot of work. The current drive train is 2.0 w/ a 901 transmission, both of which I rebuilt. My dad and I have a EJ25 swapped 914. iWire Recommendation: All good options. Awaiting some 20ga steel to make the repair panels and weld in place. Want us to help with wiring up your Subaru swap project? 944. Wasn't me. Yea. iWire Recommendation: Stay away from these engines despite the cheap cost. The difference is Spreadshirt has more color options and sells to countries outside the US while Amazon will allow for free shipping and only US. I'll come back and edit this with a site address for the pic's. Most of the time these are more work to fix than to just start from scratch. It was built using mostly left over/junkyard parts, but it is an extremely fun (fast) and reliable driver, I can only imagine one with an H6! Anyway, he ended up getting a genuine 914 2.0, and I ended up not getting anything from the woman who wrecked my car, so it didn't happen. If not the front floor pan will get a few louvres' which should pull any additional amounts od air required. Sign up for a new account in our community. Firstly, 911s are getting expensive to an unattainable point. the EZ30 engines are awesome. iWire is here to simplify your Subaru powered project, big or small. For details on my cooling system, heater, cableshifter, and all my previous revisions, click the above link. The company replaced the previous motor, a 2.0 L flat-four with… Read More »Porsche 914 with a 3.2 L Flat-Six, When this Porsche 914 rolled out of the factory in 1972 it was powered by a 1.7 L flat-four. Oil leak on the right bank but no problem. Check out our services here. The sports car is powered… Read More »For Sale: Porsche 914-6 with a 3.6 L Flat-Six, Patrick Motorsports built this Porsche 914-6 they call “Big Laguna” 12 years ago at their company in Phoenix, Arizona. Cons: Very difficult to swap due to CANBUS issues. I have installed a radiator and twin fan assm which required fabbing the plenum and sealing the airbox (appx 100 hours). Check out our services. su-version, January 4, 2013 in Subaru Transplants. I looked rather extensively into doing a Subaru swap into a 914. iWire Recommendation: If you can find one in good condition, go for it. The sports car is powered by… Read More »Porsche 914-6 with a 3.8 L Flat-Six, Mike de Malmanche built his Porsche 914 into a track monster with help from his friends and family in New Zealand. The lightweight car was built by Patrick Motorsports… Read More »For Sale: Porsche 914-6 GT Race Car. The next post will be with pic's as the project gets underway. Remember, these cars have aircooled engines. I looked rather extensively into doing a Subaru swap into a 914. This 1975 Porsche 914 is for sale on Hemmings in Tuscaloosa, Alabama with a current bid of $8,000. iWire Recommendation: Possible to do but wouldn't recommend. iWire products are proudly Made in America. It's easy! (and an '86 Bertone X1/9 I need to get fixed and running and sell to a friend to get it out of my way). Also, 2WD probably (depending on tires) means the traction will give out before the trans. If you are embarking on a SubaruVanagon, Busaru, or Bugaru Subaru engine swap, you have come to the right place.The adventure starts with the build of your travel vehicle, and you can find build information, community, and parts to help with your Subaru engine conversion into your VW. Quality being the same,  I prefer doing business with member vendors whenever possible. EDIT: Looks like I won't be posting any pic's. i have seen leaks on the valve cover gaskets and the large o-ring gasket for the oil cooler at the filter. I'm going to take a look at using the auto tranny but I might get into some fitment issues. Focus on the mechanical aspects and we'll take care of the wiring headaches for you. We'll see. iWire Recommendation: Stay away from these engines despite the lure of the low price point. Some of the front trunk will be lost as a result but these cars also have 2 trunks (mid-engined) so no big deal. Our LSx FRS/BRZ packages offer the simplest solution for those who want to build their dream ride.

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