If taken to a lesser voltage level, some of the sulfate deposits that form during discharge will remain on the plates. All, During starting a healthy car battery voltage should be 10v or higher. We advise that you check your car battery a couple of times each year, and in particular towards the end of autumn before winter sets in. Where has all the power gone to in that .5v ? But turn it off and take the batteries out and they’ll show 0.8V or even a higher while they really are depleted. A battery is at a discharge anywhere from 11.9 to way below that range. The voltage, when the engine is running, should be in the range of 13.5-14.7 volts. If your battery reads 12.9, you are at risk for sulfating, which can cause all sorts of problems which are wear and tear in a relationship. I live on a finca in Spain we have 12 2v deep cell lead acid and a 2kva studer inverter, 5 solar panels from the end of june until august the temperature is in excess of 100 f and the batteries do not seem to take the full charge, in times of moderate temperature the regulator shows a charge of 14v in summer 13v is this a normal temperature situation? P.S. There are reported cases where EV drivers ran out of charge with a 25 percent SoC reading still on the fuel gauge. This allows taking SoC readings with a … Thank you. The table below shows the voltage and approximate state of charge for each type of battery. Good, can anyone tell me that, what is the formula to calculate the SOC by using OCV for a li-ion battery, How does collecting and analyzing voltage and current data about batteries apply to real life? You have to figure out what is the safe ranges you can leave your battery cells with so you do not get in trouble. While BCI (Battery Council International) specifies the specific gravity of a fully charged starter battery at 1.265, battery manufacturers may go for 1.280 and higher. This approach has the unintended benefit of prolonging battery bank life. 0000008830 00000 n Is this different again? Wet cell car batteries lose water during use and charging, these batteries require regular maintenance. Your email address will not be published. startxref In car garages they use testers that also draw a very high current (A) replicating the very high current a starter motor uses to start the engine. “Good to go” is a reference to a working, useable battery and it indicates that voltage is transferable to different terminal points through currents (pathways) from cell to say car engine. The batteries are either enhanced cyclic mat (ECM) or advanced glass mat (AGM). I bought one on e-bay and it seemed to work on an old battery. Most modern car batteries are AGM (absorbed glass mat), if you want us to specifically check the tech details for a battery you have then email us on advice@tontio.com and we would be happy to help you further. 0000003908 00000 n Voltage (V) x Ampere (A) = Power (W). Site by, BU-804c: Water Loss, Acid Stratification and Surface Charge, BU-603: How to Calibrate a “Smart” Battery. If the voltage is below 12.6v it indicates that the battery isnt fully charged or has a fault. Took the new batteries back to store, all 900 lbs. – Over time, these terminals can enter a state of some “discoloring,” and that is a tell-tale sign that the terminals themselves are undergoing some trouble with grease or grime, depending on the environment. Since the voltage will change depending on whether or not the bank is on load the set point can be determined by a specific gravity reading.

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